basic 5-star arena

will there be a basic 5-star arena soon, that would be better than 4-star basic which cant be used in act 6. Add another arena for 5-star basic champs.


  • GK_23GK_23 Posts: 119
    This subject gets brought up often, but for some reason Kabam is silent on it.
  • Obviously many want it sooner than later, but clearly Kabam doesn't feel it's time yet. I would imagine the 5* Basic arena will appear shortly after we're able to take 6* champs to R3. So maybe early to mid 2020? I sincerely doubt we'll see such an arena before the end of 2019. Maybe it will coincide with Act 6 Chapter 4 release, or a bit afterwards. I wouldn't hold your breath on it occurring prior.
  • VMR007VMR007 Posts: 10
    Yea I agree it's time since we have 5 star basic arena. I am waiting for this a long time. I can't grind in featured 5 star, bt if a basic arena for 5 star comes I may be able to grind and get champions that I wish.
  • BriceMiesterBriceMiester Posts: 246
    edited October 2019
    I'd like to see it for the simple fact that maybe it will increase my chances in the 4* arena, I've put in 1.3million points to score a few hundred 5 and 4 star shards, I dont know where people find the time to grind so hard, if Arenas pitted you against people of the same title it would be worth grinding but since Arenas are the only Cavalier Content I'm able to access and since it pits me against players all the way to Legend makes it impossible to actually score an upper rank reward
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