basic 5-star arena

will there be a basic 5-star arena soon, that would be better than 4-star basic which cant be used in act 6. Add another arena for 5-star basic champs.


  • GK_23GK_23 Posts: 94
    This subject gets brought up often, but for some reason Kabam is silent on it.
  • Obviously many want it sooner than later, but clearly Kabam doesn't feel it's time yet. I would imagine the 5* Basic arena will appear shortly after we're able to take 6* champs to R3. So maybe early to mid 2020? I sincerely doubt we'll see such an arena before the end of 2019. Maybe it will coincide with Act 6 Chapter 4 release, or a bit afterwards. I wouldn't hold your breath on it occurring prior.
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