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Medusa bugged or BPCW Bugged ?

I ranked up medusa expecting that her armour shatter will work as intended and will not trigger an armor buff on opponent. i am not taking about passive buff. Please see below image. I am playing against black panther civil war. Armour shatter is active. But Black panther civil war is able to trigger aromur up buff.

This is in variant 3 chapter 2.

Before to this I played same black panther civil war with proxima. Acccording to Proxima's description, defender should have 200 % ability accuracy reduction while blocking. Which means even if there is armour buff , Black panther civil war should not reflect stun on parry. But that is not how it is working. It reflected 3 times in 2 tries.
Previously it doesn't used to reflect stun. But now its reflecting

I made sure there is no node called immune to ability accuracy

Is that a bug in Bug on Blaack panther Civil war. Or if this is working as intended, is that sun reflection passive ?


  • WhiteStrikerWhiteStriker Posts: 107
    Later I played with mephisto . Soul Prison is active still that armour is triggering

  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 4,965 ★★★★★
    *Back issues 3 is bugged, everyone is immune to ability accuracy reduction.
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