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5* Arena Help twice? Possible bug?

I dont really do arena very often so have only just noticed this but every time i use my 5 star champions for arena fights, i have to press the request for help button twice. Once immediately after the fight and then when i returned to the arena 3-4 hours later they are all at the top of the page with the ‘request for help button’ available again.

I can only think this means that they aren’t refreshing as quick as they should? Is this a bug or just how it is?


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    SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 11,564 Guardian
    edited September 2019
    5* heroes refresh in 7 hrs, and 6* in 12 hrs (each level is 5 hrs longer than the normal 2 hr refresh).

    But Help Requests Reset after the original standard 2 hrs. So if you come back after 2 hrs, then all your 5* and 6* heroes are listed as being able to ask for help again.

    However, pretty sure I’ve actually tested the times, and asking for help again later on (and then receiving more helps) does not seem to further reduce 5*/6* refresh times by any additional minutes after their original helps had been fulfilled.

    So you can ask for help again, in case teammates need to give out some helps for loyalty, but it really won’t do anything for you after the first time around.
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    Perfect, thanks for that
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