Kabam, when will season 12 be announced?

It would be good to know for planning.


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    Usually it's a two week break between seasons. So I think another week?
  • Usually it's a two week break between seasons. So I think another week?

    Yes, that's typically the case. However, there's a few factors here that leave me wondering if it's going to kick off next week.

    First, Kabam has typically announced the kick off date at LEAST a week ahead of time each Season. Here we are, 1 week to crunch time by the logical timeline, no announcement. That alone makes me wonder.

    Second, Kabam mentioned new Global Nodes each Season for Defense Tactics. If that's true, it would be nice to A.) Get a heads up as to what they are, and B.) At least a week to test them.

    Third, the ugly side of AW Seasons, the dirty/modding players. While I'm sure they'll be turning up the heat in enforcing the ToS, could this be a factor as to why we haven't got the official word on Season 12? Is Kabam concocting a plan to further crackdown on those bozos? I would be ecstatic to find out that THIS was the hold up. I applaud their continued efforts in cracking down on them.

    The repeated point docks were a breath of fresh air. Pretty sure they occurred at the end of the 2nd, 3rd, and final war cycles of the Season. That being said, it also seems frivolous, time consuming, and ultimately, a losing battle. So perhaps new measures are going to be implemented for Season 12, and I'm happy to wait for them.

    I think the general consensus as of late is perma bans and a zero tolerance policy for such. If they heard us, and are working towards that being the end game, it might take some extra time. While on the outside it seems pretty straightforward, there might be other aspects they need to attend to before launching such a plan. Again, happy to wait.

    Also, it could pertain to the second factor, new Global Nodes/Defense Tactics. If that's the reason we haven't heard an official start date, also happy to wait for it. Extra downtime from AW Season isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sure we all want those Season Rewards to keep coming as quickly as possible. Just the same, extra time to recoup from the Season, and allocate more resources (boosts, health pots, and revives) is always nice IMHO. Couple that, with a proper amount of time being spent on testing the new nodes before Off Season launch, that could account for the lack of news on Season 12. I guess we'll see soon enough what the official word is. Hopefully we'll get some clarity on this sooner than later.
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    Patience is a lost trait nowadays
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    It’s on the new calendar, 11th September is start date
  • It’s on the new calendar, 11th September is start date

    The MCoC InfoBot Calendar? That's not always correct. Until Kabam officially announces the date, I'd take that with a grain of salt. Go take a peek at the News/Announcements Section of the Forum. Literally every Season's start date is announced at least a week prior to kick off. I find it odd that every post asking about the start date of Season 12 has yet to get an official answer.

    Also, if you look at the bottom of the InfoBot Calendar it explicitly states 'All dates/info subject to change.' They're simply assuming that we're on the same schedule. Which... is possible. I just have my doubts considering the lack of any official statement from Kabam. I guess we shall see. Either we'll get a last minute, Season 12 kicks off today (on Wednesday the 11th), or sometime before then we'll get an official answer as to the exact start date.
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