Ipad 2018 Experiences

DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
Hi everyone,

I am thinking about saving up for an Ipad. I currently play this game on a budget Huawei P20 lite and in general the game runs pretty smoothly. But this month is really terrible. Can`t do UC event quest because of Vision lag.
In general I really do like my phone so I am not looking to get another one. But for a while I wanted a tablet.
First wanted to go for an android but since I really like this game I might aswell buy an IOS device.
I was wondering if any of you play on this device (or have played on this device).
Especially curious about heavy animation lag (new Vision, Darkhawk etc) and general load times.
Loading screen between fight take around 10 to 11 seconds now, depending on the game mode.

All other posts I could find were from almost 2 years ago, and maybe those oppinions have changed, hence this post.


  • WorknprogressWorknprogress Posts: 5,988 ★★★★★
    I use an iPad pro 11. Swapped from an S10+ and now that I've gotten used to it I cant even use my phone any more
  • save a little more for ipad mini 5..
  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,803 ★★★★★
    I use my ipad gen6 all the time. Load times between fights is 2-3 seconds. Animations never cause lag. I know alot of ppl are complaining about aarkus vision causing problems but i dont notice it at all on my tablet. I wasnt sure how i would like the bigger screen over my phone but i rarely use my phone now to fight. I may log in and claim a crystal or something but i always use the tablet for AQ/AW and important fights. It was well worth upgrading to a new ipad.
  • LormifLormif Posts: 7,346 ★★★★★
    Ipad pro 2019 should be out in a couple days, but my pro 2018s have work well for me.
  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
    @flash1117 I`ll look into that one.
    @Neotwism great to hear from an actual user. I might only keep using my phone at work when I have a late shift and nothing to do. But at home I will probably never use my phone again once I buy it. Great info, thnx.
    @Lormif I was talking about the regular 2018 ipad. Or Ipad gen6. My income and family life does not allow me to spend money on a pro. And besides MCOC I won`t be needing anything the pro brings over the regular version.
  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
    @Worknprogress Thnx for the info. I won`t be being the pro. But since your phone was equally better than mine I guess the difference will practically be the same.
  • DragonsniperRhQDragonsniperRhQ Posts: 78
    edited September 2019
    I switched from an iphone 5 to an iPad 6th gen and I don't regret a single penny. It's definitely worth it if you can save up for it. As for the iPad pros I imagine it's better? Idk but it's definitely a huge difference. Smooth gameplay and so far it has not heated up as badly as the phone. It does warm up a little bit but no overheating/ lag issues for me. 👌 Loading screens aren't an issue either. Not sure if it's useful but I find selecting your champions in arena a lot easier than it was on the phone. On my old iphone I constantly counted 3 then drag but on the iPad since the screen is more zoomed in the champs are already organized into rows of 3. Overall I recommend. Might be a little off since it's more zoomed in and bigger device but it's worth it. A down side is that if you're in AQ or AW you find yourself having to swipe more often to scout maps/paths. If you were wondering.
  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
    Anyone have any experience between the ipad 2018 and the ipad mini 2019?
    The size in and of itself does not matter for me. Just preformance.
    Is there any noticable difference?
  • GenylGenyl Posts: 57
    I own an ipad 2018 and I have exactly the same experience as @Neotwism.

    Loading time is exactly 2.5s and I never experience graphical problems. Game looks great and reaction times is much faster. I hate playing difficult combats when I am out of home in my samsung s7. Loading time is 7s and combat is laggy so I cant evade.

    I would recommended it

  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
    @Genyl thank you very much for your input. I have been playing on android from when I started (3 years ago) and finally want to invest in this game by buying a IOS system. And since I`m limited in budget, I am glad to hear the cheapest ipad on the market right now preforms so well.
  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
    Fighting vision again I'm becoming more certain by the day.
  • Justin2524Justin2524 Posts: 738 ★★★
    Was on a Samsung Phone and contemplated the same thing moving to Ipad Mini.. I asked the same question on the Forum and most people say go for it.

    I went for it and bought ipad Mini 5 and have never looked back. This thing is twice as large as your average phone and the experience is sooooo immersive.

    I can't play this game without my ipad now, it'd be like going from driving a car to driving a gokart. Or going from watching a 50 inch TV to a 21 inch TV.
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