After two months the game seems a little stale

The game is fun and I still enjoy playing...

I went all in on this for the first six weeks, maybe to hard. I haven’t spent a lot of cash (in for about $35-40) but did spend a lot of time playing. I’m halfway through act 4 but I have been mostly grinding the arenas lately.

The first issue I think I’m having is the deeper I get in the quests the fights seem prolonged, boring and some what to repetitive. Especially when battling the bosses.

The second issue is the difficulty acquiring the t4 catalyst, it seems like at this point it will take forever to earn enough to get a handful of champs to 4/40.

So... I have I hit wall. Do these issues only get more compounded the deeper one gets in the game? Opinions wanted.



  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 7,468 ★★★★★
    Honestly Act 5 is pretty engaging in terms of nodes. It’s incredibly boring until Act 4, but 4 is still not that interesting. Act 5 is the first part of story quests that requires planning out your roster for the whole quest (not just the boss)

    Wait until you get to 5, and it gets “fun” to where you don’t mind longer fights.
  • Justin2524Justin2524 Posts: 1,173 ★★★
    Have you joined an alliance? The higher tier of an alliance you join the more t4cc you're gonna get.
  • JoedartJoedart Posts: 41
    Great feedback, thanks. Seems like priority number one will be switching to an active alliance for sure.

    Wow. my six year old just pulled a 4* Cull Obsidian from a premium hero.

    Thanks again
  • ZuroZuro Posts: 2,024 ★★★★★
    edited September 2019
    Imagine saying this when you havent reached 5.3 yet lol
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