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Need alliance

Here's my champs, need an active alliance, ;-)

132k+ rating
4 of 5 stars (korg,green gob., Human touch and voodoo)
Around 40+ 4 stars.
Not having LINE!


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    Fredson_3Fredson_3 Posts: 19
    If you still need a place we have 1 for you
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    NesheckNesheck Posts: 50
    Message me in gamr if youre still looking. Nesheck is my game name.
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    Fredson_3Fredson_3 Posts: 19

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    spino0ospino0o Posts: 54
    You're welcome to check us out. We currently run 3 AQ maps (3.2.1), but are working hard to progress to 4.3.2. We run 2 optional AW battlegroups, meaning members can either focus on AQ or AW (though most play both). And we hit rank rewards on alliance events about half the time. Overall, we're a pretty active group, with a mix of players ready to go uncollected and beginners, though we're in the process of kicking a few less active players (why we're running lower-than-desired AQ maps) For AW, we recommend 4*r5/5*r3 to participate. Feel free to join up and check us out for a while. No chat apps required, no donations, minimal policing. If you're active, we're happy.

    In-game: spino0o

    Alliance tag: [BwhoC]
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    EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,263 ★★★★
    edited September 2019
    No chat apps, no donations.
    [ij3] Joey mcbob
    Username is Edeuink
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    OneAboveAll13OneAboveAll13 Posts: 190
    @spino0o and @Edeuink appreciate the response but currently I've found one,

    So next time when I need one I'll reach to u💝

    Great day, mates💐
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