Community Choice Boss Rush Challenge 2

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Are you ready to take on the next iteration of the Community Choice Boss Rush? We asked some of the Contest of Champions Content Creators and Community Contributors to choose 6 encounters for a brand new Boss Rush Challenge.

The Creators chose a Champion and a couple buffs. They then received some feedback on their encounters, adjusted their encounter, tested their fight, adjusted again, and are now ready to share their work with you! Some chose to go for interesting combinations that rewards aggressive play, while others took it upon themselves to come up with something that requires deeper thought!

The order of the fights, health pools, etc. were decided by our Quest Design team, and not by the creators.

Boss Rush Challenges are always different, and the difficulty level will vary from challenge to challenge, but they are still not meant to be conquered by everyone. They are meant to be difficult, and are meant to challenge your knowledge of your Champion roster, and your skill! Many will try, and many will fail!

The Fights you'll be Facing:

Symbiote Supreme, chosen and buffed by Lagacy - Watch his video here.
Quake, chosen and buffed by Dorky Diggedy Dave - Watch his video here.
Invisible Woman, chosen and buffed by DNA3000 - Read his Writeup on the encounter here.
Domino, chosen and buffed by The UMCOC Podcast
King Groot, chosen and buffed by Rich The Man - Watch his video here.
Taskmaster, chosen and buffed by Omega and Starfighter

The Rewards:

For completing the Boss Rush, you will earn:

10,000x 5-Star Shards
1 of 6 Titles, crafted to celebrate each of our contributors (You can earn this reward multiple times, so completing it 6 times will let you collect all of the Titles)
- The Diggedy Dork
- The Unofficial
- The Mega Star
- The Invisible DNA
- The Supreme Lagacy
- The Man

The Boss Rush will be available from Sept 18th at 10am PT - October 2nd at 10am PT. We'll be updating this thread over the weeks with content the participants create on their fights, so if you're having trouble on a certain fight, make sure that you come back to check out some tips and tricks!

NOTE: Any hostility, or rude behaviour towards any of the participants will not be tolerated, and can result in actions taken against your account.
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  • Webby72Webby72 Posts: 224 ★★
    Typo in the title
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    I want to add my experience with this Boss Rush to this thread too!

    First, I want to say that I am so proud of our creators, and that they have some really creative minds! Watching them go back and forth, discussing the intention of their Buffs and how they think it could make for a cool fight was really interesting.

    After our creators chose their Champions and their buffs, we let them try it out. A couple of them came back to us right away saying that their own fights were too difficult, so we worked with some of them on some possible solutions, while others already had some in mind. They only had one shot to get this right though! Because of the short timeline, any changes we made could not be changed again.

    I’ll let Dave and Dragon speak to those changes, and apologize to Lagacy, because we couldn’t fulfill his change in the limited time we had to make it.

    Lastly, our Creators gave us feedback on the rewards in relation to the difficulty. They felt the rewards didn’t reflect the difficulty, and after some discussion we agreed. While they didn’t get to decide what rewards we chose in the end, they did think that this is better suited to the challenge.

    Also, I want to give a special shout out to DNA 3000. He’s a Forum Guardian, and this post right here was something I really enjoyed, and why I thought he’d be a great addition to the Boss Rush.

    PS. Ask Dave how the addition of Spite is meant to make his encounter easier. It’s clever.
  • GamerGamer Posts: 6,477 ★★★★★
    I’m hav to say the sym figth lacy decie is brutally sp after sp
  • GamerGamer Posts: 6,477 ★★★★★
    Was fun op to sym figth
  • Rotelly said:

    can you also get shard from each run?

    The Shards can only be awarded once.
  • DRTODRTO Posts: 826 ★★★
    How in the Kabam miike are you supposed to fight that sym supreme?
  • Sportsfan365Sportsfan365 Posts: 283
    Stark Spidey, Void, and Doc Ock are the three champs that come to mind who can beat the Sym Supreme. Personally I used Sparky, stun locked with the sp1
  • RogerRabsRogerRabs Posts: 501 ★★★★
    Not to be overly negative, but anyone with multiple 5/65 champs is going to be wildly disappointed with this. Took me 7 minutes to beat and I didn’t scout the nodes beforehand.

    I know not everything has to be made for end game players but I would have liked more of a challenge for some better rewards.
  • ghost with hood synergy did it for me. just cycle L3s and phase right after
  • Archit_Tandon498Archit_Tandon498 Posts: 322 ★★
    DRTO said:

    How in the Kabam miike are you supposed to fight that sym supreme?

    Ghost can tank sp3. Stark can power drain on heavy. Luke cage can tank sp3
    No sig stones :(
  • Sportsfan365Sportsfan365 Posts: 283

    @Kabam Miike invisible woman is bugged she gains bars of power while you are stuck at 1 bar constantly

    That’s the node doing what it’s supposed to do... reading is always smart
  • RogerRabsRogerRabs Posts: 501 ★★★★

    @Kabam Miike invisible woman is bugged she gains bars of power while you are stuck at 1 bar constantly

    Can you guys not even release 6 fights without any bugs?

    Not trying to offend, just would like to know your capabilities for future expectations.

    Might want to read the nodes again.
  • What is a “forum guardian”?
  • vinniegainzvinniegainz Posts: 886 ★★★

    @Kabam Miike invisible woman is bugged she gains bars of power while you are stuck at 1 bar constantly

    That’s the node doing what it’s supposed to do... reading is always smart
    Knowing what you are talking about is even smarter, obviously you have 0 experience with power struggle. Try it out in act 6 if you would like

    Every time invis woman gains a bar of power you gain one, her specials power drains you.

    HOWEVER, invisible woman you can push right to three bars of power without her using a special and you will stay at 1 bar

    Don’t jump to conclusions and be smart
  • vinniegainzvinniegainz Posts: 886 ★★★
    It’s the interaction between cornered and power struggle. Must’ve been too difficult to test beforehand.
  • Soulman300Soulman300 Posts: 4
    This seemed very interesting at the start, but for all of the exciting talk you guys over at kabam have been hyping up this new boss rush over the past weeks, the reward is very underwhelming. 10k shards for one basic 5 star crystal for what will be very difficult content for most summoners??? You need to understand that the basic 5 star crystal or featured 5 star crystal (if summoners decide to use those shards for the featured instead) have many weak champs that can be acquired in them. And since this challenge is meant to be very difficult and “not for everyone” to complete, there is a very high chance that after we spend revives and boosts and potions and/or units to complete the boss rush to receive our 10k shards that we open up our crystal after all that hard spent resources and receive a weak Kampala khan or Deadpool x-force or Diablo or any of the other large number of low tier champs that are in the crystal. Thus making the challenge completely not worth the resources spent. What I believe would have been much more worth it would have been to offer a specific 5 star crystal that rewards the chance of one of these specific good champions for example, CapIW, Night Thrasher, Darkhawk, Emma Frost, etc. The chances of getting a weak and disappointing champ from the shard rewards we receive are far too high for the difficulty of the content and the resources that may be required from most summoners.

    @Kabam Miike
  • DalBotDalBot Posts: 1,288 ★★★★
    Such a let down. Rewards are weak (need sig stones or rank up materials)and the fights were even weaker
  • VedisukeVedisuke Posts: 76

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