5* basic or 5* featured

I really wanna open basic but my problem is that I’m at 15/12 tech t4CC and 12/12 mystic t4cc, I’m soo close to getting a dungeon crystal and hopefully I will pull a ghost. But if I strike out I still need a tech champ to rank up, all the tech champs I have are champs I wouldn’t take up any father than they are, since mysterio and warlock are in the crystal as well as black widow Claire Voyant I can take the chances as well as invisible women. I don’t have many t4cc in the other 4 classes except for science I have some. I would also be fine with pulling sunspot and stealth suit spidey.

5* basic or 5* featured 14 votes

5* basic
buffajrNifzThi101Aleorblak_mambawarung73FF10EtjamaTheTalentsZodiac7 10 votes
5* featured
DrZolaTerraBrandonmballouBladeslasher2002 4 votes


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