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Luke Cage vs CAIW

OctoberstackOctoberstack Posts: 872 ★★★★
5* Luke Cage (unduped) to 3/45 or 4* Captain America IW (duped) to 5/50? I can put around 30 sigs on the latter, mostly looking for a solid champ for AQ/AW, Uncollected EQ and Act 5.3 (priority in that order).

As far as I can tell:

- CAIW takes the edge for damage output via heavy+SP2 (though LC is no slacker)
- CAIW has incredible utility across the board with synergies and debuffs galore
- LC can minimise or even reverse power gain effects via Exhaustion
- LC can tank SP3s once duped
- Both are durable af, though CAIW takes the edge on this one as LC is more vulnerable to energy dmg
- CAIW has a sick beard

Who to rank up? Any and all opinions greatly appreciated!

Luke Cage vs CAIW 19 votes

R3 5* LC and flex on the haters
Ajisdopeharerabbit99LordRaymond3Batman1903EtjamaMiStaLova 6 votes
R5 4* CAIW instead and wait for the LC dupe
ArcDeAngeluszuffySpiderCoolsFhfjghhggggjfhfjgJoBoB1982Giodood_1EdeuinkVirtuoso 8 votes
R5 4* CAIW and just R2 LC for now (and use him to take out that demon SS in boss rush)
10or_StrongToo_qikH3t3r 3 votes
Ignore both and ponder why your muscles are tiny and your facial hair is minimal
Raymundo86MorbidAngle 2 votes


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