Dungeon Issue - Room selection option is missing

Not able to select room before clicking Find a Partner. Seems a new issue


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    I thought you could only select a specific starting room level if you were doing an INVITE, not when doing Find Partner. Although that being said, looks like you haven’t yet done Find Partner, so it should be allowing to select room because you could still do the invite option. (??)

    Always though the above was a bad design anyways. Should be able to choose what Level Room you want (within the 3 room options based on your team strength) even if you were doing Find Partner. The Find Partner should then match you with another similar strength person that also wanted to do that (say easier, or harder) of the room choices (or who may have left that choice blank, not caring what room level they do), based on how many rooms you know you want to be able to get thru.

    Would let people select “unbalanced” hi/hi/lo heroes and actually be able to select a lower room (like they might with the specific Invite way).
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 1,596 ★★★

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    By next release?? what is next release? another month?? so we just suck it up and play dungeon 7 when i wanna go into dungeon 6??? I 2 of my top teams in room one of dungeons cause i got utter stupid lineup of nodes both times.. and it cost my partner his teams too..
    Could this at least have been HIGHLIGHTED in the in game mail rather that it just being like another regular ''return to the dungeons'' message??
    Really hope we get compensated for this..
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    so how the hell we meant to select something
  • When I attempted to do dungeons, I was noticing that I couldn’t select a specific room. I usually do room 6 and I just goes to room 5.
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    Select your Room before locking in.
  • EpicGOATEpicGOAT Posts: 24

    Select your Room before locking in.

    sorry but could you by chance show a pic of where you select the room? Is it after selecting your champs and before hitting "find partner" because if so I don't see that option. The Kabam note said click the checkmark... what checkmark? even in the above pic I imagine once you hit find a partner it takes you straight there in the pic above?

  • Omg that is the same problem that I had
  • Can u explain with screen shots how to select room before confirming team, tried everything and nothing work, @Kabam Miike either explain workaround properly or have someone else do it
  • You are right. There is currently no workaround. I made that post from information I was given, and I apologize for the confusion. I've raised this to the team.
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    Select your Room before locking in.

    This cannot be done... please offer a viable solution.
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    edited September 24

  • Thank you for acknowledging it @Kabam Miike
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    So basically currently is go in with a Max out team to take a chance arm 7 or 6 being paired with some1 who qualify for rms 5-7.
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    Even once BUG is fixed, would still like the ability to select Dungeon room level when doing blind Find Partner too (not just when you are the room leader when doing Direct Invites).

    There are times you are building your team with the express intent of wanting to do either the Weaker or the Stronger of the “normally 3 choices” of rooms. The system should be able to pair you with someone else who either ALSO specified to do that room level, or who has left that option blank and doesn’t care which level of the 3 they are tossed into.
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    Ability to select dungeon room, yes why not. Dungeon is big pain in a** without room selection option.

    Right now if you're getting in dungeon with r3 5* or r5 4* (am getting in with only 4*) you are most likely to get a noob who wouldn't even be able to clear 1st node in room2 of Dungeon 6. Faced this issue 4 times today
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    They should disable dungeons untill they fix this issue. It is REAL pain to complete dungeons, I am wasted 2 hours and got only 3k points. So I need to waste all day to complete 11k points?? I cant understand why your game costs more and more and getting worse and worse. Also, why you changed the order of heals so that the expensive one is first in the list??

  • It'll be solved next month whata...?? This must be a joke, at least give us free potions or revives
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    I usually knock out dungeon 7 with my partner in no time at all. We are currently running dungeon six and it’s taken up a good chunk of our evening. Please fix the issue or postpone dungeons until it’s resolved.
  • Please postpone dungeons till this issue is fixed, there is no point in doing dungeons this way. Either postpone or reduce the recharge cost for champs. How can you say that you will fix next month and still run it with such an annoying bug?
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 1,596 ★★★
    So many other new threads being created by others about this topic. At least this thread had a reply by Miike, so they might update it here when they have more info about the problem.
  • Tayyab82Tayyab82 Posts: 324 ★★
    Will this issue be resolved before Dungeon Day @Kabam Miike.

    If not, this will be disastrous as many people prefer doing Dungeon 6 over Dungeon 7 for the 5 room rewards.
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    You should at least lower the champion refresh costs if you cant resolve this problem within this months dungeon event. Or something similar.

    When has it become normal that your customers have to suffer for and work around your bugs and mess-ups.
    This game is full of bugs and stuff, costing people units/money they never should have to pay.
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    So dungeon day starting shortly. And for some reason the inability to select which room you want has not yet been addressed. For myself I want to be able to bring a strong team in to coat room5 content but get auto assigned to room 6... this feels frustrating and tickets are just being ignored
  • FitzingFitzing Posts: 10
    @Kabam Miike you've "known about this for 3 days. Is anything going to be done about this in time for dungeon day?
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