PSA: Don't skip fights farming Time Paradox targets

I thought this one was so obvious it never occurred to me to mention it, and as far as I can recall I haven't seen it anywhere (but its possible I just missed it). When you're farming a target for the Time Paradox event, you'll often find that the target you want is on a map where it is not the first fight. For example, today's target is Morningstar, who is in the Time After Time chapter 5.5 map. But she's on the center path after Aegon.

So if you can, bring Aegon. Since you have to fight that guy anyway, you might as well fight him with a match to get the extra points, especially if you have a high Aegon or are farming a lower map. Depending on which map you're fighting you could be getting an extra couple thousand points per run.

Perhaps this is obvious to most, but maybe it isn't obvious to some. Probably should have said something earlier, but it didn't occur to me until today that this hasn't occurred to everyone. And apologies if this advice has been mentioned elsewhere and I overlooked it, or I would have linked to it.


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    Yeah I guess. If it’s a bad champ (or one of which yours is like r3 4*) in between you two, it would be more efficient to use someone who can end the fight in less time then move on.

    Also another pro tip: if you don’t want to go through beginner just to gain access to the fights, do epic difficulty, and bring the enemy down to ~5% then quit and use your underleveled champ to polish them off.
  • Some of the comments in the Daily Target thread have indicated which heroes are before the desired target (if it wasn’t the 1st fight).

    Yep, I’ve tried to bring as many other opponents as possible to other paths as well if I’m doing some of the actual monthly EQ or building towards 100% on some TimeAfterTime Quests.

    Easiest is to bring one strong hero to start off as a “throwaway” fighter to get 1st opponent down to ALMOST dead, then Pause-Quit that fight and let you own “same-Hero” finish him off. Then use the rest of that previous hero to start the next fight so the 2nd one's “same-Hero” has an easier time defeating the rest of him. Bleeders are good because you can let the Bleed coast him down much lower than trying to gauge how many additional hits you can do without KO'ing opponent.

    Cascade this process (or when you have a strong enough same-Hero just use him for a whole fight), until the end of the path.
  • Yeah, the "smush them with your rank 5 and then finish them off with the correct champ" is another one that was obvious enough it slipped my mind. That one came especially handy with Darkhawk, who is more annoying to fight with a low level copy (at least for me) than most.
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