Help 4......when is this gonna be addressed?

Why is there no "Help all" instead of a "Help 4" ?
Server strain ? Sitting there clicking Help 4 all the time can take forever with bad kabam servers have to load every time you click
Same goes when you do versus, why must you click on everyone 1 by 1 ?? how about a "Help/Assist all" there as well??
can take like 5 min to click on 20 champs when kabam servers are slow
This seem like something that would be very easy to implement, so why has it not been added/fixed for 5 years?


  • It WAS already addresses. They stated multiple times that a "help all" button works different than a "help 4" button, and that it will create problems with server stability
  • Every week another thread asking for Help All.
    Several times it has been responded that Kabam had tried implementing Help All and it caused too much strain on servers (don’t know if that was just internal testing, or if it briefly went live a long time back and caused too much problems ?)

    What people shiuld be asking for instead is the complete removal of Helps for Arena use. Just limit Helps for Quest Energy (adjusting the energy recovery, max help, and loyalty earned so it ends up being comparable to current Loyalty).

    Why does so much time have to be wasted with Arena Help just to give 5 minutes off of the 2 hour (or 7/12 hr for 5*/6*) refreshes (like that 5 minutes really matters for my 6* refresh time that is half a day) ? If completely removed, it would still mean that yours refreshes the same as everyone else so comparing possible points for rank rewards would still be the same vs others (everyone 4* would be 2 hrs instead of 1:55).
  • Like I said in the previous post, constantly tapping "help 4" button doesn't impact the servers that much as a "help all" button would
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