Which defender should I rank up ?

I’ve got 3 great defenders but they’re all unduped I can’t decided who to rank.

Which defender should I rank up ? 33 votes

5* korg to rank 5
BrokenCharlie_SceneFhfjghhggggjfhfjgEtjamaThe_WatcherPerceptronEdeuinkIronGladiator22TheInfinty 9 votes
6* The champion to rank 2
Spity68Sceptilemaniac 2 votes
6* Nick fury to rank 2
SnakeEyes69TerraMostWantedMegaGalacticThi101CASrinivasRynnerzKalantakEinfachSoSuperGoodJohnHSCaptainPollKevo9513E_N_D__G_A_M_E 14 votes
ArcDeAngelusJOHNOSA1995MityAntCodornasChampioncriticChris1212123KriegerMiStaLova 8 votes


  • IronGladiator22IronGladiator22 Posts: 66
    5* korg to rank 5
    Korg is a pain to fight. I have a 5* kirg and he’s come in handy multiple times on defense
  • X_Factor_AgentX_Factor_Agent Posts: 1,695 ★★★★
    Ask your alliance. See what is needed.
  • KalantakKalantak Posts: 527 ★★★
    6* Nick fury to rank 2
    go for fury,unlike korg n champion he is great offensively.unawakened fury isnt really difficult but he could mess some ppl up with his unblockables if opponent cant intercept
  • Chris1212123Chris1212123 Posts: 263
    I’m leaning towards nick because he’s useful in offence.
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