Align Revive & Health Pots (cost and %)

Health and Revive must be revised as per the stronger champs and even stronger opponents - the cost should be reduced and effective ness increased (eg: in AW - 5* R5 champ has 25k-30k health, once your champion is dead you will need 1 x Tier 3 team revive (4200 health - cost 365 units ) + 3 x Tier 4 team health (7900 health x 3 cost 320 units each = 960 units)

So To revive your team full you need 1320 units - you don’t get so many units as rewards from finish touches of the quest - why so?


  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 2,105 ★★★
    Simple solution is to make the alliance potions and revives percentage based just like their non alliance counterparts. Thats more than enough
  • Ri007Ri007 Posts: 7
    Also wither reduce the cost of the items or increase the rewards of units - you get 30-40 units for completing a big quest where you spends many Odins - that’s not a fair game for people who don’t want to spend.
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