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Making aw placement easy

Our alliance has a placement rule where the leader/officers post the screenshot of defence placement of every alliance member. Would like to see a system while placing defence that we can select a desired tile we want to place our champs on. That'll make placing champs on the desired tiles alot easier.


  • Do you mean something like when you go to place your heroes (non-officer) and want to put one on a node that is already occupied by someone else, that you can select some type of “wish I was able to put my xxx-hero on this node” status indicating your champ and which node ?? And then when officers go to move ppl they would see that someone else (or maybe multiple people) have all “vied” for putting their champ on a particular node instead ??

    (ok, now the joking part...)
    I like a better idea where Leader could just dig into every members roster and pull whichever 5 heroes he wants you to use, and pick your Defense team for you, and then place them where he wants to. You could just sit back and relax (or maybe not even have to login during Defense day). 😀

    What happens if you want to use an otherwise “pre-determined” defender of yours for some offensive Quest some day instead (like these Alternate Reality day’s, especially Villain days, where your pool of available choices is much more restrictive).
  • ZainshamsZainshams Posts: 102
    Nope @SummonerNR . We have a same set of defence and nodes. So to make the job of officers/leader easy they post the image of our defence already set by them in previous wars to ensure we alliance members don't place our defence here and there (on wrong tiles). This way their (officer's) burden to rearrange defence reduces significantly.
    Finding the particular tiles to place champs sometimes is really tiresome so if there was a numerical set of tiles(not randomly as aw map but arranged number-wise) would help placing defence directly and easily instead of searching for a particular tile.
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 10,642 ★★★★★
    Yes, this would be a great feature, save the nodes that champions were placed on so people don’t have to keep looking at the screenshots, this would be a really nice to have thing in the game
  • Taninrice_91Taninrice_91 Posts: 18
    It would be nice to give the leader and officers the power to move members between bgs after player is locked in but also has the option to kick a play for a war map if running 1 or 2 bg
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