Need some help with mastery suggestions.

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I have not touched my mastery in a long time, last was that Rocket Raccoon quest a while back that rewarded mastery items. As or me, I do not do arena, I never was interested in suicides. My main play style is story mode, AQ and AW. I'll post a pic of my top players and my current mastery. Not included in the pic is the others i use mostly:
5* R4 Magik duped, 5*R4 Blade not duped, 5* R4 CAPIW not duped

. Ideally I'd like to take the least block damage possible, I'm not the best at intercepting. I'd want to add that last point on stupefy also. Any and all suggestions are appreciated./>


  • You can borrow 4 points total from the Lesser Cruelty/Precision nodes (keep in Greater)
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    And I’m wil also take outs the two points in a carculqet the one after WP Can’t remember what call then put them in petify.
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    Perfect block mastery barely helps and one point in stand your ground is ineffective. Invest it in energy/physical resistance or health.

    Surture is not really useful, I would invest those three points in stupefy, petrify and despair. Lesser precision and cruelty is not the best either. Max out glass canon and invest 1 in pacify or another one in petrify.

    I would consider more points in reduced stun duration and pacify. If you've Blade, two points in pacify can make a difference.
  • (from above comment..) Skip any more in Health (1st 2 nodes), and skip Energy/Physical Resistance also. Needed elsewhere that others have mentioned.
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    Thanks for the input? Anyone have a picture of theirs that would better suit mine?
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  • SeraphionSeraphion Posts: 955 ★★★
    You can keep your points in assassin if you want to. I know that costs a lot
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