Very tough decision

My plan was to take dupe cap marvel to rank 5. Just pulled omega red. I can awaken him to. What’s your thoughts.

Very tough decision 55 votes

Cap marvel rank 5
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Omega red rank 5
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  • Dibley3087Dibley3087 Posts: 129
    Both 5 star
  • Dibley3087Dibley3087 Posts: 129
    Atm. Sig 40. I also have suicides unlocked.
  • Justin2524Justin2524 Posts: 724 ★★★
    Omega Red is the safer option.. Cap Marvel if you like to live on the edge..
  • Dibley3087Dibley3087 Posts: 129
    No just a 4 star NF. This is a nice in game problem to have.
  • SidDDragonSidDDragon Posts: 841 ★★★
    Cap marvel rank 5
    I read about u having suicides after voting for sparkles
    IMO awaken and r4 omega and play around with both with suicides...both benefit a lot from it...sparkles purifies all debuffs when entering binary and i dont think there are many defenders in game who can survive an onslaught by a suicide boosted sparkles 5/65 can deal around 130-150k damage in the 10 second indestructible window at Sig 55..with suicides she can go beyond 200k damage in that time I guess
    Omega with bleed on him is another beast altogether and can deal done significant DOT damage and overall has less worse matchups than sparkles but he definitely needs suicides to shine
    Both need a synergy partner to get the most out of their abilities..sparkles needs fury and Omega needs ST
    So both are equally potent so u should play around with both and see who u like better
  • NimorNimor Posts: 94
    edited November 2019
    Omega red rank 5
    I would give the edge to omega red overall. Both are excellent champions and go with suicides really well, both definitely worth of r5.
    On the CMM pro list i would put her prestige (if you care about that) her insane burst and crazy start when you have almost full charges and her indestructibility. With the last 2 combined it lets you bypass quite a lot of annoying stuff in this game really fast.
    On the OR pro list i would put his insane sustainability and regen and the way he can deal damage. You can play really passively and still do great damage just by sitting close to the enemy and drop some heavies which is great against so much (any power gain or anything that punishes a high combo). Also sp3 power steal is something i ve found quite useful. Both are poison immune but or is also pretty much bleedy immune (usually better than fully immune since you can heal from any bleed with the willpower mastery).
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