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[Android] Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation

Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,936 ★★★
edited January 2020 in Bugs and Known Issues
Hi Summoners!

Our team is working to identify and address performance issues in The Contest and we need your help as we gather relevant information.

As part of this process, it is important for you to understand that lag and game performance are affected by a host of factors including: device, operating system, connection and even Champions or maps. Complicated issues such as these involve an equally complicated investigation process, due to all of these variables. Your contributions to this thread will help in that investigation. This, however, does not mean that there is one single “fix” coming that will address all concerns for all players. It is an ongoing process of improvements that the team is continually working toward as the game progresses.

If you are experiencing crashing, lag, unresponsive controls or performance problems in the Android version of The Contest, please reply using the template below.

This thread is for Android users only.

In-Game Name: Please include your in-game (not forum) name.
Device and Model: (Example, Galaxy S6)
Device Operating System: (Example 8.0) You can find the operating system version on Android by going to Apps, then Settings and “About Device.”
Cellular or WiFi: Does this issue happen when you are using cellular data, WiFi or both? If on cellular, what is your mobile carrier?
Game Version Installed: To check which version of the game you have installed, go to the Google Play Store and confirm that you have the latest version installed which will show you the number.
Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? Story Quests, Event Quests, Arena, Alliance Quest or Alliance War.
Description of the Issue: Please include a full and complete description of the lag and performance issue you are experiencing with as much relevant detail as possible. This includes any specific Champions affected and how long you’ve been experiencing the issue.

Replies to this thread must use the template below and provide relevant, constructive information about the issue. This thread is for information gathering and not one-on-one support. Off topic posts, requests for status updates and general complaints will be removed according to the forum rules.
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  • Destroy4589Destroy4589 Posts: 261 ★★★
    In-Game name: -JackRipper-
    Device: Samsung S10
    Device OS: Android 9
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version: 25.0
    Game Mode: Everything

    Significant audio lag while on earphones. For example, I could be hitting the opponent, but the audio output is significantly delayed. Slight Lagging issues in gameplay when fighting especially on Cellular Data. I have all my performance set at maximum. I have tested on Apple and the game runs far smoother on it than my android device. It isn't exactly a solution for me to just switch phones just for a game.
  • MJ_no7MJ_no7 Posts: 17
    In-Game Name: MJ no7
    Device and Model: Huawei mate 9
    Device Operating System: Android 9
    Cellular or WiFi: both
    Game Version Installed: 25
    Game Mode: Event Quests
    Description of the Issue: After winning a fight, I am taken back to the map, with the node still there. I have to make the fight again... And again. I just get stuck.
  • ZoneX95ZoneX95 Posts: 31
    edited November 2019
    In-Game Name: ZoneX95
    Device and Model: Ulefone Power
    Device Operating System: Android 7
    Cellular or WiFi: both
    Game Version Installed: 25
    Game Mode: Event Quests
    I fought Uncollected version of Morningstar in Invasion three times in row & she kept resetting, all the while I was losing my own hp due to combat.

    Edit1: it happened with Vulture too now.
  • MachopsyMachopsy Posts: 1
    In-Game name: machopsy
    Device and model: Xiaomi mi 9
    Device operating sistem: Android 10
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    game version installed: 25
    game mode: event quest, alliance quest, alliance war.
    I played with Hyperion, and also hella in map 5 from alliance quest, in the finish of the battle, I saw that they have already the life intact.
    In alliance war a team mate fought with a korg in the boss node, dealing 70% damage, and the fought show him that korg had their life in 100% and his character died.
    In event quest I fight with a mordo and Ultron OG In the daily special quest and they already had their life intact.
    All of this make us lose the alliance war and also the alliance quest too.
  • Roomey1991Roomey1991 Posts: 8
    In-Game Name: CaptainPool91

    Device and Model: Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

    Device Operating System: 7.1.1

    Cellular or WiFi: Cellular

    Game Version Installed: 25.0.1

    Game Mode: Quests

    Description of the Issue: When you finish a fight it just takes you back to same fight again after load screen. I went up against winter soldier in ROL and after the fight it just started again then I got ko'd and it started me with full health.
  • StuardomzStuardomz Posts: 6
    edited November 2019
    Groundhog day in honor to the greatest bill Murray celebrated by Marvel contest of champions.
    Android 10
    Wifi and cellular
    V 25.0.1
    Every game mode
  • Trevererik1_Trevererik1_ Posts: 45
    In-Game Name: Rokk Krinn

    Device and Model: s10plus

    Device Operating System: 9

    Cellular or WiFi: wifi

    Game Version Installed: 25.0.1

    Game Mode: daily quests

    Daily quests are still the same problem. Fighting same node over and over again. I got past 1 node, then next node started with not going forward after beating node. I logged out of quest and logged our of game. Still not working correctly.
  • Fuzz669Fuzz669 Posts: 2
    In-Game Name: fuzz669
    Device and Model: Galaxy S8
    Device Operating System: 9
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi & cell
    Game Version Installed: 25.0
    Game Mode: All
    Description of the Issue: perry does not work like it used. Random fights i win will reset the fight but not leave me with half health, game lags when in arena as well
  • In-Game Name: thekingslay3r
    Device and Model: Xiaomi Mi A1
    Device Operating System: Android 9.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 25.0
    Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? Story Quests (Uncollected EQ) and Alliance Quest
    Description of the Issue: The game is lagging over all, when fights start theres a huge delay and if the defender is aggresive I get a combo into the head because I can block or evade at the beggining. Also after your "fix"of the issue about fights not completing and having to fight defenders over and over again this is still happening and I lost some boosts and energy and the chance of participating in rewards.
  • BikeshBikesh Posts: 15
    In-Game Name: bikesh1432
    Device and Model: Samsung s9
    Device Operating System: 
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 25.0 version
    Game Mode: Defender just won't die, I am fighting same defence over and over and over and over, it's annoying!!!!!!!!
  • KnightwingKnightwing Posts: 1
    In-Game Name: Knightwing
    Device and Model: Samsung s7
    Device Operating System:
    Cellular or WiFi: Data
    Game Version Installed: 25.0 version
    Game Mode: Quest enemys wont disapear, even after defeated. And Arena fights always result in a connection issue.
  • In-game name: SkrattarDu
    Device: Samsung Galaxy S8
    Device Operating System: 9
    Game Version: 25.0.1
    Game Mode: Event Quests

    After a fight the defender refreshes and I have to fight again. I tried 3 times and still having the same problem.
  • BlackhawkBlackhawk Posts: 6
    In-Game Name: Bla€khawk.
    Device and Model: Galaxy S7
    Device Operating System: (8.0)
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi (Verizon Fios)
    Game Version Installed: 25.0.1 version of the game.
    Game Mode: Event Quests (uncollected 1.1, & Dr Doom Daily Quest)
    Description of the Issue: fought Namor 3x in Dr Doom quest, fought Guillotine 3x plus items but never got passed her. Cant collect villains reward.
  • M1k0rinM1k0rin Posts: 605 ★★
    In-Game Name: kyntaa
    Device and Model: oppo a3s
    Device Operating System: Android 8.1
    Cellular or WiFi: cellular
    Game Version Installed: 25.0.1
    Game Mode: monthly event quest
    Have to fight the same champion over n over again
  • RGBargyRGBargy Posts: 1
    In-Game Name: RGBargy
    Device and Model: Note 8
    Device Operating System: 9
    Cellular or WiFi: Both (Telstra Australia)
    Game Version Installed: 25.0.1
    Game Mode: Event quest and rewards claim

    Besides fight reset after completion in event quest, I also can't claim rewards from mutant advancement - game disconnects after pressing claim button. Had claimed level one and two rewards, but now under rewards in stash it appears that the third and fourth rewards are combined into one.
  • In-Game Name: Skinny spider
    Device and Model: S 7 edge
    Device Operating System: 9
    Cellular or WiFi: wifi
    Game Version Installed: 25.0.1
    Game Mode: arena
    Can't continue fight
  • fr4nkdrfr4nkdr Posts: 24
    In-Game Name: fr4nkdr2
    Device Model: Nokia 7.1
    Device Operating System: Android 9
    Cellular or Wifi: Both
    Game Version: 25.0.1
    Game Mode: Arenas and Event Quest

    Like it seems most people, I am having the problem of proceeding past characters and having fights reset with my HP being halved in Event Quests. Can't advance beyond certain nodes no matter how many times I play against them.

    In Arenas, after a match I suddenly lose connectivity and when I get back into Arenas after restarting the game, it indicates I lost the fight even though I may have won. It is after every fight. So I am losing streaks, point multipliers and can't advance in Arenas.
  • GinsssssGinsssss Posts: 5
    In-Game Name: ginsssss
    Device and Model: oneplus5
    Device Operating System: 9.0
    Game Version Installed: 25.0.1
    Game Mode: event quest,arena
    Description of the Issue: main issue for me is arena lost my win streak shows network issue after a fight in arena
  • LordAalBaalLordAalBaal Posts: 2
    In-Game Name: LordAalBaal
    Device Model: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (kenzo)
    Device Operating System: Android 9
    Cellular or Wifi: Both
    Game Version: 25.0.1
    Game Mode: Arenas

    Everything was alright till last night..Today, when I logged in my account..and started to play arena for the 4* Basic Champ..then the problem began..I was unable to play any of my champs as it was only showing errors like 'Incorrect Data' and 'Champs don't match the champs of your team'..and I also think that the game (after the update)..is showing a lot of connectivity issues..please help
    I'm posting the screenshot of the problem..

  • Cr8zyChrisCr8zyChris Posts: 15
    In game name- Cr8zyChris
    Device model- razor phone 2
    System- Android 9
    Wifi & cellular
    Version- 25.0.1
    Game mode- monthly quests, side quests, invasions, rewards, crashes, freezes

    Monthly, side quests, & invasions....fights restart with them at full health regardless who wins and me with whatever damage I took

    Restarted game, restarted phone, deleted game redownloaded game, several times

    Can't claim journey rewards either
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