[Android] Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



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    Yellowjacket3Yellowjacket3 Posts: 1
    Hello ! I wanted to start the Labyrinth of Legends but as soon as I click the " fight " button, the game freezes and does not let me enter the fight. I ve been experiencing similar bug issues when for example starting a fight in Alliance Quests, the game freezes for 20 seconds, then finally let me in. I wonder if you already knew anything about those problems.

    I hope you ll fix it soon,

    An impatient summoner😁
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    Rmp14Rmp14 Posts: 30
    Name: giraffesaurous.
    Device and Model: (Example, iP
    Device Operating System: Stylo6 (Android10)
    Cellular or WiFi: wifi
    Game Version Installed: 1117251
    Game Mode: Alliance Quest
    Description of the Issue: when entering fight the game freezes after touching the fight option and then goes to loading screen and then crashes resulting in half of the champions life being stolen.
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    WyattEarpWyattEarp Posts: 66
    For those with a new Galaxy s21 having dropped input issues (random dashes, random heavies, missing light attacks) I found a solution in the OP that works:

    Change the motion smoothness from "adaptive" to "standard 60hz".
    Settings > Display > Motion Smoothness > standard.

    h/t to Jalli the original poster.
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    KenSuféKenSufé Posts: 3
    This is bull.... I keep getting kicked out after a long lag time during fight loads. Not only that, but when I restart the game, the Champion I'm trying to fight with comes back with half of the Health that I initially started with. I've experienced this many times before over my years of playing this game but, I've never experienced it as much as it's happening lately. Fix this! I like others spend too much of my hard earned money getting you guys rich to be going through this bs.
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    nonamesnonames Posts: 310
    In-Game Name: VinegarStrokes
    Device and Model: Samsung a71
    Device Operating System: Android 100
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: Updated to the 1.1 GB Build on 3/4/21.
    Game Mode: AW & AQ
    Description of the Issue: In-Fight Screen freezing. It will last for 2-8 seconds. Also, random disconnects when I hit the fight button. The loading screen will spin and then just say, disconnected from the game." This has been mainly occurring for the last month and I've been literally wasting units to try and keep my champions alive through the bugs. The game is almost unplayable.
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    S3r3n4S3r3n4 Posts: 1

    In-Game Name: El Azteca Avila
    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy Tab E
    Device Operating System: 7.1.1
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi
    Description of the Issue: Can not update device. Says device not compatible. Never had issues before until now. Not even on another tablet. Its saying the same thing that its not compatible. Been a member for many years. Fix it.
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    WolvermeanWolvermean Posts: 20
    Device and Version: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra 5g

    Device Operating System: Android 11

    Mobile Carrier: Verizon

    Cellular or WiFi: Both

    Game Version Installed: 30.1.1

    Game Mode: Game won't get past marvel logo

    Description of the Issue: since update crashes immediately after loading the marvel logo.
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    Tiger3_1Tiger3_1 Posts: 9
    Name: Tiger 3~1
    Device and Model: Samsung J7 Pro
    Device Operating System: (Android9)
    Cellular or WiFi: wifi/celluar both
    Game Version Installed: 30.1.1
    Game Mode: Logging Issue
    Description of the Issue: I have two ids and two apps installed on the same phone. For the sbove mentioned id i am unable to paas the marvel screen and the error is puase download and then a pop up comes up champions is stopping.

    However the 2nd id on the same phone is working fine. I have reinstalled the games cleared data cache and have done this atleast 10 times along with clearing my phone's memory however still the same error.
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    00Tarzy_Girl0000Tarzy_Girl00 Posts: 9
    Name: Tarzy Girl
    Device and Model: Samsung S9 Edge
    Device Operating System: (Android V10)
    Cellular or WiFi: wifi/celluar both
    Game Version Installed: 30.1.1
    Game Mode: Logging Issue
    Description of the Issue: I'm trying to open app but on first loading screen I get an error of pause download and then a pop up comes that champions is stopping.

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    MemphistophilesMemphistophiles Posts: 79
    In-Game Name: Memphistophiles/ Murderbeard (happens with both my accounts)
    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy S8
    Device Operating System: 9
    Cellular or WiFi: Both; Verizon wireless
    Game Version Installed: 30.1.0
    Game Mode: All (beginning from every Tab)
    Description of the Issue: The game freezes, or more precisely never finishes loading, when switching between tabs. So far, it only happens when switching to the Store tab from any other tab. Regardless of whether I've been logged in & active for a couple minutes or an hour, on wifi or data, my Store tab never completes loading the vast majority of the time (roughly 70-80% of the time). Only fix is force close app and restart. Have video evidence.
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    The game keeps popping this screen and crashing. Other games and game launcher load fine including MROC. Full video from Twitter linked below.
    Uninstalling and reinstalling resolved the issue though. But having to do this takes a lot of time and data and effects last minute urgent game play.
    Game Name: JustAnAvgPlayer
    Model: Samsung Galaxy S10+
    System: Android 11
    Game Version: latest 30.1.0
    Game Mode: while launching app itself

    Video link:
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    ManWesternerManWesterner Posts: 5
    In-Game name: ManWesterner
    Device and Model: Infinix HOT 8
    Device Operating System: Android 9 Pie
    Cellular or WiFi: Cellular (Glo NG)
    Game Version: 30.1.1(latest as of March 7)
    Game Mode: All game modes(Can happen on any interface)
    Description of the issue: Game lags on any and all interfaces(alliance quests and wars, champions upgrade, event, side and normal quests, masteries e.t.c). The game exits automatically mid fights as well as in any & interfaces(as listed above) most especially in Arenas.
    Please fix this as it is impeding my use of the game as well as my completion of game content. Thanks, as I hope for timely actions.
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    CoffeeLoverCoffeeLover Posts: 35
    edited March 2021
    In-Game Name: Bening One
    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy Note 8
    Device Operating System: ANDROID 10.0
    Cellular or WiFi: BOTH
    Game Version Installed: Latest (up to date 08 December 2020)
    Game Mode: EVERY MODE
    Description of the Issue: Disconnect after I had won a fight, a perfect fight gone then the game cost me 50% health penalty.

    P.S. My internet speed is fast and stable so its on you Kabam
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    In-Game Name: • Apollo •

    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy S21 ULTRA 5G

    Device Operating System: Android 11.0

    Cellular or WiFi: For the beginning of 2020 I used a Galaxy s10 and had issues where I would disconnect frequently while on wifi. No issues 4GLTE. Now I cant even login on mobile data, And still have numerous crashes on wifi.

    Game Version Installed: Newest Feb Update. Daily player.

    Game Mode: Every game mode. Lost countless units and hp from crashes and not being able to login on Mobile Data...

    Description of the issue: I literally have the best Samsung Galaxy Android phone. It costs $1200 new. If I CANT RUN MCOC WITHOUT LAG, WEIRD WI FI DISCONNECTS, STILL CANT LOGIN ON MOBILE DATA. There's definitely something wrong lol...

    Got the same issue, about a week ago got me the new galaxy s21 ultra 5g thinking was my old s10 but no. Still can't connect unless is connected to wifi.
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    Naus79_Naus79_ Posts: 86
    In-Game Name: Naus__
    Device and Model: Samsung galaxy s9
    Device Operating System: 10
    Cellular or WiFi: Wifi (not playing with cellular)
    Game Version Installed: 30.1.1
    Game Mode: Any
    Description of the Issue: Randomly during a fight, the game freezes about half a second at most. Also, sometimes feels like losing some input. I only recall this happening while trying to dex.
    Thank you!
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    Kill_GreyKill_Grey Posts: 8,666 ★★★★★
    The game keeps reloading whenever you leave the app for a few minutes. Problem is with the game itself and not with my RAM.

    Super annoying issue.
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    BuironBuiron Posts: 1
    edited March 2021
    In-Game Name: Buiron
    Device and Model: Galaxy S10
    Device Operating System: 11
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 19 Feb 2021 30.1.1
    Game Mode: won't get past marvel load screen
    Description of the Issue: As above Game will not pass the Marvel load screen, comes up with a pause option and then crashes.
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    PagadPagad Posts: 1
    In game name:pagad device model: galaxy A12 device operating system: Android 10 cellular or wifi : both game version installed 12 feb 2021 version 30.1.0 game mode alliance quest,arena and alliance war I've been struggling since I started playing again since the 25th of January 2021 my aq doesn't work its freezing ,aw freezes wen it wna nd I'm the looser coz I'm wasted resources units nd arena freezes to if u can't solve my problem by 15th March u loosing a great player as myself nd a big lover of the game u guys no I've been sending tickets in support forums thn all of use sending the same emails like robots bt anyway 15th March u can't fix im playing a other game coz I can't gt rank up resources
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    MatthewmercuryMatthewmercury Posts: 70
    edited March 2021
    In-Game Name: matthewmercury
    Device and Model: pixel 3xl
    Device Operating System: android 11
    Cellular or WiFi: both
    Game Version Installed: latest update 30.1.1
    Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? Only tried eq and aq but occurring in both, as well as champion menu, crystal screen and home acreen
    Description of the Issue: game freezes movement and accessibility for about a second every 30 seconds or so, including animations on champions home screen
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    Mcoc_Bosku_2Mcoc_Bosku_2 Posts: 1
    In-Game Name: bosku_mamblop
    Device and Model: Redmi 6
    Device Operating System: 9
    Cellular or WiFi: cellular
    Game Version Installed: 30.1.0
    Game Mode: All
    Description of the Issue: Many times crashed during playing any quest/mode. Now had a trouble logging in as it just stuck at opening (a sign of "no network"). No issues of network since other game/app working as normal
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    ZxcvbnmlkjhZxcvbnmlkjh Posts: 5
    In-Game Name: Zxcvbnm!?lkjh
    Device and Model: Galaxy Note 9
    Device Operating System: Android 10
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi and cellular (Tmobile)
    Game Version Installed: 30.1.0
    Game Mode: N/A
    Description of the Issue: I have been unble to log into the game. I am stuck on the beginning loading page for about 2-3 minutes and also on the second loading screen until it times out because it can't connect to the network. All other apps work fine and can connect to internet.
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    indicquidindicquid Posts: 9
    In-Game Name: indicquid
    Device and Model: Oneplus 8 pro
    Device Operating System: 11
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 12 Feb 2021 30.1.0
    Game Mode: won't get past marvel load screen
    Description of the Issue: Since the last maintenance the game would hang and display the connection error icon when trying do anything from navigating the menu to moving in quest. I reinstalled the app, now the game would not even pass the loading screen even when left for minutes.
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    Charlie21540Charlie21540 Posts: 929 ★★★★
    Yet again filling this thing out.
    In-Game Name: Charlie21540
    Device and Model: LG V40
    Device Operating System: Android 10
    Cellular or WiFi: Cellular with Verizon 4G LTE
    Game Version Installed: 30.0.0
    Game Mode: All modes
    Description of the Issue: Random back drafts all the time (I CAN NOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH ON HOW OFTEN THIS IS HAPPENING!!!). In the middle of doing a combo my champion will dash backwards. Whenever I go to do parry then heavy attack, my champion dashes backwards. Fix the **** game. Everytime myself and a bunch of other players have to come in here day in and day out telling you guys the same issues, all it does is piss us off more. At least show some sort of sign of improvement!! Instead of the performance of the game getting better, all you guys do is release another update with even more bugs and problems!!!
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