[Android] Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



  • FreakydFreakyd Posts: 173
    Android 13
    Fully updated
    Mainly in BG and AQ
    Start charging a heavy out of the blue and get stuck there until I'm hit. Also, after 1 or 2 heavies I can't heavy anymore and just stand there. Just get stuck in an inactive way so block works but parry doesn't register, not sure I explained that one well.
  • azaan9002azaan9002 Posts: 16
    edited January 8
    Device name Oppo F17 pro
    About device: 8GB+5GB extended ram
    Data: Cellular (4GLTE) and Wifi
    Issues: game freezes while opening crystals and fights missed 2 5star max crystals and 6* shards, 1 4star max sig crystals iso and 5* star shards and overall exhausted from crashes please fix the game kabam and please read this @Kabam Miike have been playing since 2017 please hear out our requests i know individual is not possible perhaps collactive🥺❤️. And @RichTheMan please post this to spread awareness to others thanks and really enjoy your content and passion for helping out the mcoc community.
  • How to jump and crouch in this game? I need to dodge punisher shooting gun at me but i can't find anynkey to jump or crouch?
  • Drbonez_89Drbonez_89 Posts: 7
    Took my 6* corvus to r3 and his pi went down from 10400 to 10200. Please fix this. I have android tablet. Latest version as of 01/09/23.
  • Debo0012Debo0012 Posts: 2
    In-Game Name: cobbcalvin1
    Device and Model: Galaxy note 20 5G
    Device Operating System: both at&t carrier
    Game Version Installed: 1260505
    Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? Story Quests, Event Quests, Arena, Alliance Quest or Alliance War.
    Description of the Issue: lagging where the game pause during fights, game shuts off during fights and does not restart the match leaving me with a lost of the fight, tigra neutralize is not neutralizing anything where champions armor buff still in affect, in battle grounds I was fighting guillotine 2099 and I had knull-i took the armor buff off and I was still taking power burn damage, my comic ghost rider is a rank 4 still displaying the same critical damage is the same as the rank 3.
  • FubbieFubbie Posts: 58
    The lag and freezing since update is killing my ability to play.
    Galaxy A51
  • I'm spending real dollars to run battlegrounds only to lag out of matches that I 100% would have won, worse still this counts as a forfeit therefore points aren't tallyed into solo or alliance events. My user id is nathan22011994 ...... Compensation?

  • Furthermore I'm running the game threw starlink, which never lags out.
    It is 100% a YOU issue.
  • Just checked, starlink deffinetly did not disconnect from the satalite tether at any point in the last 5 Days.
  • PandelonPandelon Posts: 3
    In-Game Name: Pandelon
    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
    Device Operating System: 12
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi
    Game Version Installed: 37.2.0
    Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? Story Quests, Event Quests, Arena, and Alliance Quest
    Description of the Issue:
    1) Game will sometimes freeze up completely for up to 3 seconds.
    2) Micro freezes can occur during a combo meaning input is lost and opponent starts hitting me.
    3) Very occasionally, when a longer freeze occurs, my champion will then get locked in heavy charge animation and the game will ignore all inputs until the opponent hits me. Once this has happened, controls return to normal but I can no longer activate a heavy attack for the rest of the fight. Heavy attack works again in the following fight.
  • RenaxqqRenaxqq Posts: 1,254 ★★★★
    edited January 13
    In-Game Name: renaxqq
    Device and Model: Nokia 7 plus
    Device Operating System: Android 10
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: V37.2.0
    Game Mode: Not related to any game mode.
    Description of the Issue: After update V37.2.0 game sometimes freezes up for 1-2 seconds. Game lags before fight info screen pops up after the end of fight. Very often after finishing up fights, leveling up and using items on champions loading icon appears.
  • ZK06ZK06 Posts: 18

    What the hell is this **** going on?
    Every 2 to 3 fight these bugs comes.
    I have lost many matches because of these bugs.
  • Deadpool3000Deadpool3000 Posts: 9
    In Game Name Deadpool3000
    Device Samsung S22 Ultra
    Operating system Android 13
    Data or WiFi
    All Game Modes
    Lags for 1 second, game un responsive, dash back failing, block failing, random heavies. Game unplayable
  • KLZKLZ Posts: 45
    edited January 15
    Are you ever gonna fix the input issues?? It really doesn't matter what device is used, these bugs are omnipresent, and they ruin the game. Every month new content comes with so many bugs, that it becomes so frustrating playing it...
  • RenaxqqRenaxqq Posts: 1,254 ★★★★
    edited January 15
    In-Game Name: renaxqq
    Device and Model: Nokia 7 plus
    Device Operating System: Android 10
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: V37.2.0
    Game Mode: Not related to any game mode.

    Lighting of ground is still too bright/not fixed.

    This is how it looked like couple months ago and was like that for years:

    This is how it looks now:

    If it's about to stay then atleast increase the level of textures quality. And fog effects are barely noticeable.
  • FubbieFubbie Posts: 58
    The lags and freezes and input issues are making this game unplayable after update. Respond please. Your customers deserve better
  • BenJGrimmBenJGrimm Posts: 18
    BenJGrimm said:

    BenJGrimm said:

    In-Game Name: Ben Grimm
    Device and Model: Pixel 5a
    Device Operating System: Android 13
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: Updated to 37.0 (or whatever today's update was)
    Game Mode: Happens in pretty much every mode. Definitely in quests, arena, and AQ, at least
    Description of the Issue: Game crashes when people use any SP. For a while, it was only certain ones - Doom's or CGR's sp2s were the ones that crashed the system the most frequently. But since the update, it's gotten worse. So far (admittedly this is only through a few matches), every time anyone has used any SP, the game has crashed. The game is bordering on literally unplayable for me.

    This is still happening fairly frequently, especially when people use SP2. It happens at the start of the fight when fighting Terrax often enough I avoid lanes in AQ that have him. But it most consistently happens with Doom and CGR, which means I'm not able to use some of my strongest characters. And it happens extremely frequently in AQ, which means I'm getting damage penalties for things that are in no way my fauult.
    It's gotten much better, but it still crashes at the start of any Terrax fight unless it's the first thing I do after loading the game.
  • redjacket75redjacket75 Posts: 3
    While starting a aw, the game just stuck at loading page. It was stuck for like 2 mins and then i restarted the game but i lost 50% of my champ's health and that counted as my champion loss in aw. I recorded it after about a minute. This is a sped up video of it.
  • derplyon7861derplyon7861 Posts: 15
    edited January 18
    In-game name- derpylyon7861
    Device and model- Samsung s21
    Device operating system- Android 13
    Cellular or wifi- both
    Game version installed-25.0.1
    Game mode- everything
    From battlegrounds to questing it's constant bullshut can't parry dexterity not working controls not registering crystal menu freezes sometimes the back button doesn't work
  • FubbieFubbie Posts: 58
    Samsung A51

    Game is freezing and lagging a ton this evening. Have great signal, restarted multiple times.
  • FolksdefenderFolksdefender Posts: 10
    In-Game Name: Folk's Defender
    Device and Model: Xiaomi mi 11
    Device Operating System: MIUI 13.0.3
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi
    Game Version Installed: 37.2.2
    Game Mode: All
    Description of the Issue: In any fight, using any character my light attack may transform into heavy attack. That's pretty disturbing for all content. In middle of a combo any attack(light or medium) should transform into heavy attack.
  • FubbieFubbie Posts: 58
    Game freezing, lagging, especially when specials activated
    A51 galaxy
    Hardware rev 1.0
    Running version 37.2.2
    All modes affected
  • FubbieFubbie Posts: 58
    Game freezing, lagging, especially when specials activated, even worse than before. Inputs way off as well.
    A51 galaxy
    Hardware rev 1.0
    Running version 37.2.2
    All modes affected

  • Somya67_mcocSomya67_mcoc Posts: 12

    BG is getting frustrating now with this stupid bug. I dropped to arcane3 from quantum1.
  • FubbieFubbie Posts: 58
    Game is freezing for a few seconds at a time. Inputs are awful as well. Please fix this. Costing me units and rewards.
  • JMORG1111JMORG1111 Posts: 145
    Pretty sad state of the game right now. Even my phone knows how poor the game has gotten.

    Constant crashes/frame skipping. The game doesn't load properly before fights, long lags on crystal opening, parry and dex constantly changing timing. The game is not in a good spot, but hey there's relics so I guess there is that.
  • FubbieFubbie Posts: 58
    Inputs, lagging, outright freezes during play.
    Borderline unplayable
    Playing beta mode latest update a51galaxy
  • Furion17Furion17 Posts: 267

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