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In the past if i made a mistake and needed assistance tech support has always been helpful. I've even made posts on here about it. Apparently they have started asking questions to verify the person owns the account. This sounds good in theory, however the questions they ask are difficult to answer if u have been playing this game for an extended period of time i believe. Here is some of what they ask. I don't see how most ppl remember all this information. It just worries me if i ever had a problem they won't be able to assist me. What does everyone else think? I understand account security is an important topic. If i had any idea we would need to know ahead of time these kinds of things i could have written it down. To now require ppl to know these things i don't feel is right. How can we go back and find out these answers? I have had many purchases using google play cards. I don't know what exactly i purchased or when with them. I know he last few purchases cuz i remember stuff from the last week, but not something from years ago. It's almost like asking what someone bought specifically at the grocery store on this date 2 years ago. Most ppl would have no clue.
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    This was just over a few hundred units from one of those stupid popups in case anyone was wondering. It's not like it was over a fortune or asking for something major to happen with their account.
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    I don't remember the answers to any of those other than the fact that my original name was PraiseKek
  • Hey there, we appreciate the feedback on this. We take the security of players' accounts very seriously and so must be as thorough and safe as possible when it comes to each account. We do appreciate you sharing your feedback on this though.
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    It just seems excessive over a few hundred units. Stuff like this will just get ppl mad and quit over small things that should be resolved easily.
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    I agree with you OP. While Kabams support team is decent they really need to have alternate ways besides those things so they can actually provide support to players. It's just so disheartening to see copy-paste messages every time which don't even help you unless you know their questions 100%. There needs to be alternative ways before those questions.
  • @Neotwism I agree 100% Same thing happened to me recently. I believe that account security should be important but in situations like that where they can clearly see in their logs what happened what is the harm in them refunding the units. You're not asking them to alter any account info that could potentially effect the security of the account. It's frustrating.
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