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  • Do you spend actual money on the game for units/crystals/offers? (as in your own money, giving Kabam back some of the money from your paychecks?)

    I'm okay with saying that I do spend on the Game.
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    Elad17 said:

    I have a question for Mike. When will we be receiving a revamp of arenas. As someone who is constantly grinding arenas and has spent on this game I would like to know that new stuff is coming. (Or even old stuff as bonus milestones). Have you ever thought of adding say 5 of the serums to help with the grinds? It would benefit both the players and the game if we were able to go longer without spending units and in some cases money to reach higher point totals. Also what is the update on the arena bots ? Are the cheaters allowed to keep something they win from doing it shady?

    An Arena Revamp is on the Radar, and something that we know you guys are interested in. Unfortunately, we don't have a specific direction we want to take with it quite yet, so I can't give much information, but we know that many players feel that we need a refresh to the Arenas.
    2 ideas I would like to pass on for arena:

    1) Option to make 5,7,9 man rounds instead of 3 to speed things up a bit.

    2) Similar to what you are about to do in aq add multiplier nodes to provide additional challenge/war practice/fun to the game mode. Optional Selectable nodes that multiply the points and serving as practice for war would be a big hit.
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    Ahitlaw said:

    Who do you think is the most over powered champion in the game?

    Cyclops is OP!
    I'm dead af
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    This is sad
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    Compensation would be great! But I atleast hope there will be decreased energy timers for aq when ever this issue is resolved
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    ola boa noite fui entra e esta em manutenção ela vai demora, acabei de chegar do trabalho fui jogar meu jogo preferido jogo a 5 anos ja
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    Shinyuu said:

    @Kabam Miike I think a cool idea for arena would be to have the final milestone be the champion at least in the 3 star and 4 star arenas...it can be so frustrating to grind away for 3 days straight and not know if you will get the champ or just miss it by a few points because once you hit that final milestone and still grind away it can be mind numbing and then if you miss the champ after all that hard work it can be so disappointing

    Not a bad idea considering 5*s and 6*s are what alot of people are asking about.
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    Hi @Kabam Miike ! A lot of people say Why Kabam Miike, but not How are you Kabam Miike. So, How are you today Kabam Miike?

    I mean, I could be better if this wasn't all happening, but I'm alright!
  • Does Kabam plan on adding more storyline comics at the end of finishing event quest like they did with gullintine and Morningstar last month.
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    Why not, I’ll bite

    Uhhh... favorite pizza topping?

    Can I choose 2? Chorizo and Pineapple. Together.
    What madness is this??? Ok from where?
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    What i noticed over the years of me growing up is that there been many iterations of 2 comic book superheroes and that is Batman and Spiderman tv series!!!. I aint joking google search both and you see lots of those 2 series.

    Sure we had 90's xmen which i was watching reruns of it and then wolverine xmen series but that is it after those 2 we have yet to see another Xmen animated series and honestly i have no idea why the Marvel Animated Department isnt looking into that.

    Fox have owned the rights for xmen the last 20 years or so, so marvel wouldn't have been able to make one
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    Tip for easy way of doing cavalier difficulty. Make it the same as uncollected but limit champs to 3*. Simples.
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    @Kabam Miike What time do you finish your work?
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    Kill the servers now!! DO IT!!
  • Ahitlaw said:

    Who do you think is the most over powered champion in the game?

    Cyclops is OP!
    Confession: Deacon planned to ask him this question on the podcast, except the question went something like this - "Who, and you're not allowed to say Cyclops..."
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    SDP said:

    Ok my turn... Favourite Non-MCU Marvel movie? I've got to give it to Days of Future Past, myself.

    Over Logan? Blade 2 was also sweet.
    How could I forget about Logan?! Changing my answer to Logan.
    I kinda figured. Haha
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    Ok my turn... Favourite Non-MCU Marvel movie? I've got to give it to Days of Future Past, myself.

    The original Spider-Man movie gets my vote. If we count the animated movies, I really like The Planet Hulk movie.
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    How long will maintenance be down for?
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    Oh man life is boring without MCOC, never been this long i m out of game
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    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious please tell us you guys have something in store in a foreseeable future to raise the level cap, add new masteries and a special event where we pick the next champs to get added to the game. Just some thoughts I've had and discussed with folks in my alliance and across the battlerealm.
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    Can we download MROC yet?
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    This place is quiet considering the game is still down.
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