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Anyone with good luck while opening crystals quality wise?

Parth2204Parth2204 Posts: 121
edited November 2019 in General Discussion
I do have a very bad luck atleast while opening a 5* crystal
I have following 5* some are trash
Rocket racoon
Hulk buster
Night trashar


  • Opened a 5* annihulus today as well as a 4* namor
  • DankPlutoDankPluto Posts: 137
    Those aren’t that bad
  • Parth2204Parth2204 Posts: 121
    And my worst luck is when I got antman and rocket from featured 5*
  • Parth2204Parth2204 Posts: 121
    Worst thing is that among all 8 champions there are only 2 different classes
  • Midnite93Midnite93 Posts: 3,929 ★★★★★
    No your luck is decent
  • Nah01Nah01 Posts: 178
    You have to open more crystals. The more you open the higher chance you get great champions.
  • Nah01Nah01 Posts: 178
    Let's say you got all the bad luck in the world but after 20 bad champs good champs will come.
  • Parth2204Parth2204 Posts: 121
    The same thing happens with me while getting 4* champs for first i got 8 trash champs than I got better
    Now my top are-
    Captain marvel movie

    Now i am getting good 4*s when I had already man a good team
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