Is there something I dont understand?

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We're now waiting not for compensation but for our earned AW season rewards. We've spent $$$, units and other rewards to complete the season, of which we didnt botch and now we have to wait for those?

Kabam, why not release the earnings from the AW Season and if your computations a week or two later show we shouldve received more... give us more.

On top of that, it shouldnt take weeks to 'decide on how to compensate' your competitive, grind heavy, spending and loyal player base. It wont wreck the balance of the game to throw some goodies at us and show some respect for the demands you place on your players.

Any plans on you putting in extra effort to get these out sooner? Players, are our expectations WAY too high?

I think I'll be patient with my compensation as well.... I'll wait to look for your black friday/cyber monday deals in december...


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    I'm baffled as well. Two weeks for compensation is odd.
  • The demands are not too high. Something should have been released by now. I feel they are going about the compensation in all the wrong ways. For starters, they should never have labeled those unclaimed items as compensation. Terrible subject title receives terrible feedback. Also, compensate by length of playing. 5 years-5-6 star. 3-4years- legendary crystal, 0-2 years-ultimate crystal.

    And a general amount of pots, revives, t4b or T4CC crystals, t1a or t2a crystal shards...

    Something like that within a couple days fixes problems and makes the community happy.

    Waiting to tally up all the content and all the matches and all get my point. It’s too long, and it’s tiresome waiting for improvements on the compensation. The game isn’t new, they should have a system in place for this sort of thing.
  • _ASDF_ said:

    Kabam, why not release the earnings from the AW Season and if your computations a week or two later show we shouldve received more... give us more.

    I don't even know how anyone can think that's a good idea. Send everyone potentially incorrect rewards and tell them you'll fix it later? That's unimaginably horrible. So some alliances will get their correct rewards if they are originally under ranked, and some alliances will get more than their correct rewards if they are originally over ranked? Are you saying you can't anticipate how absolutely badly that would be generally received?

    I think they should be doing things correctly, not quickly. And I think anyone who thinks they should be more concerned with doing things quickly than correctly has no right to complain about the game being bugged in the first place.
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    @KBelgarion001 I don’t think it should be done by amount of time playing, it should be by progression. I have been playing for about two years now and I’d be pissed if my compensation was just ultimate crystal. I’m trying to complete 6.3 so nothing I get from an ultimate crystal would be useful. And compensation shouldn’t be a gamble either, so no legendary crystals either just a five star.
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