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Broken controls and broken screen now as well

this is what happens when i do well in the game


  • TH3_STONETH3_STONE Posts: 56
    Its been on going and HERE IS THE PROOF
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 10,283 Guardian
    edited November 2019
    Occasionally the “Camera Angle” for some reason drops to ground level and pulls back “Behind” some obstructing ground object in the now “field of view”.

    Even under normal fights, there are a couple fight locations that if the champs pull far away from each other (and camera pulls back) there become visible objects (light posts, etc) that now become in front of the camera and can obstruct your complete view of the scene.

    But the Ground Level one is a much more severe/broken case.
  • TH3_STONETH3_STONE Posts: 56
    Nah .. the imput of controls don't always work as well...and the screen does that when i start do well in quests/dungeons and arena ect.
  • TH3_STONETH3_STONE Posts: 56
    Have written SEVERAL TICKETS and followed several tutorials
  • Duck_of_DoomDuck_of_Doom Posts: 171
    You guys just have crappy phones
  • TH3_STONETH3_STONE Posts: 56
    Note 9 verizon FULL BAR WIFI
  • TheBestinTuakauTheBestinTuakau Posts: 955 ★★★
    Full wifi doesn't affect the fighting experience. It only affects the loading/updating times
  • Duck_of_DoomDuck_of_Doom Posts: 171
    TH3_STONE said:

    Note 9 verizon FULL BAR WIFI

    Then how come my s9 has no issues which if I'm not mistaken is older then the note
  • @Duck_of_Doom , have you never seen cases where on certain fight scenes, and at certain positions left/right within the overall fight span in the scene, when you retreat far enough away from opponent, and camera position moves back (to cover a wider visible distance between fighters), that on occasion there is an object (bridge support column or light post) that normally is behind the view of the camera. But because of such a wider (further back camera position) the “object” now becomes within the field of view, and can at times actually block your view of either yourself or your opponent ??

    That has been happening for YEARS, and you could find many references to that.

    What seems to be more recent (sometime this year ?) is that the camera position somehow gets messed up and appears to be from ground level, with some of these type of MAJOR obstructions blocking your view of the fighters. I’ve seen that same type of screencap from several different people this year up here.

    Now “maybe” that newer ground-level bug is related to device processing (??), but in general the few other obstructions are indeed seemingly built into the 3D fight scene vs where the fight “camera” is positioned at different times.
  • TH3_STONETH3_STONE Posts: 56
    Hope for the best
  • We're sorry to hear you're running into these issues. We can further investigate it, but need more information.

    Can you please head over to the following thread and fill out our provided template? Thanks in advance!

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