6* shards for weekly summoners advancement

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happy thanks giving!!!!!!! That being said isnt it about time we started getting 6* shards in th weekly summoner advancement at least for the top 10% if not for everyone. Finishing in top ten sa regularly and getting a bunch of useless 4* shards doesnt make much sense. The 4* shards are absolutely useless as no 4* are allowed in act 6 and cannot be a viable option in top 20 aq/aw either for any reason unless you want a garuntee the other team a win or run out of items. Let me know what you guys think. And to the person who will disagree just for the sake of it. Please know you cannot get in a top alliance or even a top 100 ally using 4* for anything so do us all a favor and save your words


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    There r some events like variant 4 that has certain * champs allowed. Maybe they will have a 4* chapter to use champs in. Lol
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    Yes excellent idea maybe they could have excellent rewards and make people use lesser * champions they wont do that. By they i mean kabam. The game imo isnt in very good shape rn. It lags, drops commands etc.... i have the lastest iphone and fastest wifi available and no other games i play have these issues. Sucks this was my fav game but they jus cant keep it up to par for more than a couple months before theres something that affects 1/3 of the champions and the actual gameplay
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    Even if you don't need the champs, 4* crystals are a source of iso and 5* shards
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    solopolo said:

    Even if you don't need the champs, 4* crystals are a source of iso and 5* shards

    I actually love opening phc and 3/4* champs, its a chain affect, the more max sig 2/3/4*s the more shards of the respective crystal above.

    Most my 5* shards come from duping, and same with 6* shards

    I always forget that im in the the top 001% of players and my needs for resources are different than most people playing the game. Good points both of you. I just assume everyone else has 50 6* champs and 120 5* champions. Anyways merry christmas
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    If u have the sigil u can always trade in the 4* shards for 5* shards in black iso market
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