Subpoena: You are Ordered to Attend the Trial of Reed Richards



  • Jemster519Jemster519 Posts: 199

    I don't know if this has been brought up here, but I had a lot of trouble with that Aegon, but this Morning I decided to try to take him with my 4-Star Magik. I'm running MD, so after a 5-Hit Combo, and backing off until his Furies expired, and sometimes having to repeat once, I had 3-Bars of Power. I hit 5 more times to bring up more Furies, then launched that Sp3 to take big chunks of his Health down. Repeated a few times, and ended the fight with 99% health.

    I have decide to not do this content this month because of the trouble. There is no fun in playing this node and was very stressful when I attempted the first time. If I wanted, I could play through it but not going to even attempt again. Some of the content in the game is very fun and challenging but when it become more stressful than fun, that is where I draw the line. When its not fun anymore, that is when it is time to put it down.
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