I made it just in time

Today I finally became Uncollected! I've been struggling with Act 5 chapter 2 for awhile and was discouraged to be so close when the big compensation happened and the new calendars arrived. I really wanted to beat The Collector before the anniversary and Christmas, but as of this morning I was still struggling with 5.2.5. I had been hoarding units for The Collector but finally gave in and used some potions. I'm glad I did because I was able to clear the final quest with much less difficulty than the previous two. My team consisted of:
4* awakened CAIW -max
4* awakened AA- max
4* awakened SG- max
5* unawakened EB- rank 3
5* unawakened GP- rank 4

My MVP goes to GP with an honorable mention to EB whose evade/intercept really helped with The Collector once he could shrug off stun.

I know there are lots of people who had way worse teams that did it quicker and with less units but I'm just glad something that seemed unattainable not the long ago is finished and just in time for the anniversary celebration!


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