I'm just gonna leave this here


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    What ?
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    Erm what did I witness
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    Bendy said:

    Erm what did I witness

    Something beautiful
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    that's the stuff i like
  • Probably the building up and subsequent 600,000+ KO Damage from IW's SP2 (against ROL Wolverine I assume since he couldn’t use his SP3).

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    But how long did it take to get there?
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    That's awesome!
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    How did you get your force field to that level? What was the strategy?
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    How did you get your force field to that level? What was the strategy?

    The strategy was spam sp3, as for synergies i had +10% power gain and Ebony Maw for 10% of a bar of power when opponents miss. This strategy is pretty impractical for most fights but it is something you can do and even take it further as her force field has basically no limit.

    The sp2 converts her force field into a passive fury which in this case was around +10 000% the second hit of her sp2 would have been over a million if it had been a critical with 260k medium crits and 170k light crits
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    @Fintech what synergies did you have on for that fight?
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    @Char Ebony Maw, OG Daredevil and Elektra with Hyperion as the 5th champion to get to Wolverine faster
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