7* 6* 5*

I don't think we should ever consider 7* into this game... Why?

1) If you introduce 7* people will wonder about 8*, 9*, 10*, etc. It becomes a race that is silly and predictable
2) I think it's clear based upon variant 4 that you don't need more stars to have challenging paths or more rewards. The 1*, 2* were some of the hardest paths in Variant 4
3) There is a VERY HEALTHY Balance between 5* sig 200 and unduped r2 6* in the game and it keeps people wondering what they want to rank up - this makes it less predictable and more fun. I do however think 6* awakening gem should be available 1-2x per year (etiher via $ or via quest/act completion), but beyond that the resources required for 6* rank up (and shard availability) are perfect compared to 5*

@Kabam Miike Please share internally. Thank you!


  • Adman0726Adman0726 Posts: 44
    And... Not to mention there is (1) r3 6* in the world right now and you guys @Kabam Miike control the resource availability for r3, r4, r5. 7* are not necessary in any way and if they are announced I'll just roll my eyes...
  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 680 ★★★
    Act 4 was balanced around max 4 stars and was doable with rank 4's. (or r3 5 stars to compare)
    And exploration was your first option to r4 a 5*.
    Act 5 was balanced around rank 4 5*, and was doable with max 4's.
    And exploration was your first option to r5 a 5*.
    Act 6 is balanced around max 5 stars and are doable with rank 4's. (or their 6* counterparts)
    Exploration will probably give you your first garanteed r3.
    Even if they go a little quicker and exploration will give you your first r4.
    It will take the whole of act 7 to get a maxed 6*.
    And with the way 6 stars are balanced, (a lot stronger at rank 1 compared to all previous star upgrades, which were equal to r3 or the previous instead of r4) I think it is very unlikely 7 stars are coming within 2 years, if they come at all.
    It would make 5 stars quickly feel like 3 stars do now.
    Also with all the permanent Variants, all except v4 would be an incredible cakewalk, while other content like ROL and LOL are still decently challenging even with maxed out champs.
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