So what happened to game balance?

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Why are these rewards better than 100% act 6 gives out already
50% of a T5CC is huge
Why progress in the game when you can just buy it not to mention all the stuff you already get if you do trade GGC
This also defeats the purpose of having titled based rewards


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    @B33fSupr3m3 True, I didn't think of that. The people who get the top three are already at the top of the game anyways, it's not like any has a chance of catching up to them without spending hundreds of thousands.
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    Kerneas said:

    Depends what you see as game balance. Don't forget how many players get this amazing reward. 30? Idk, I haven't opened the game just to give precise numbers, but my point is that this gives the edge to very small amount of players from the top tier alliances, and let's face it, the top tier is only about spending money. Those who spent either little or no money at all aren't affected by this at all. And for whales this is just an opportunity to invest money into this game. It doesn't seem too broken, but I gotta admit this reward could be a game changer for a lot of people

    This is a very good point. It is only game breaking for alliances battling for the top spot right now. If you are not in a top 5 alliance then it is not going to make any difference to you. If you are in a top 5 alliance you are probably a big spender or at least have a lot of big spenders in your alliance. Its really not going to affect 99.99999% of the player base at all. If anything it benefits everyone that doesn't spend because it is events like these that make sure the game will keep running for a long time.
    People don't like this bit of truth, though. They want to believe that this game and life is fair, but fair is relative to the concept being discussed

    F2P might not want to hear it, but "fair" to Kabam and business does not mean "equal access to every commodity in the game"

    It just doesn't. Just the truth of things, in this game and in life
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    Dont want kabam to tell me anything about economy now lmao
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    People don’t get to get those rewards you gotta shell the F out. So if you’re willing to do that then complain but if you’re not then stop complaining.
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    It really only affects alliance in Master AW or top 10 AQ. I guaranteed everyone here complaining is in neither of those. It really isnt even that bad. 95% of MCOC community wont even have a 6* Rank 3 until mid - end of 2020.
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    @DNA3000 : I say it a lot: The folks at the top are absolutely not playing the same game I am, and I don't mind spending if I want something

    People could really benefit from understanding the three tiers you listed. I know some won't listen, but it is the truth
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    brian grant....
  • NeonoctisNeonoctis Posts: 118
    by far one of the absolute best players in the game. in a top tier alliance. sick roster.... spends no money on the game. so please keep complaining about how it's not fair.
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    No issue with it myself - whales gonna whale, and keep the game floating. Much more issue with the $100 "deal" yesterday for FIVE YEARS, than the tier 5 cataltyst elector in the top rank award for gifting.
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    As you see, only rich will get richer, and poor stays poor.
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    Maybe the proceeds from this event will buy a gold scale in which the balance of the game will be weighed in. ;)
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