OG Hulk + Heimdall + RagThor synergy broken

So I’ve been playing around with my 5* OG Hulk along with RagThor and Heimdall synergies. In RagThor’s ‘Friend from work’ synergy he gains an indestructible buff when his health drops below 20%. This synergy works fine.

Next is Hulk’s passive text reads that he gains a massive fury buff when his health drops below 25%. This ability also works fine.

The issue is after both of those conditions occur and you regen back up to 30%+ or whatever with Heimdall’s synergy and proceed to drop back to 25% then 20% health again neither of those abilities happen again. Meaning Hulk’s massive fury doesn’t proc a 2nd time and RagThor’s indestructible buff doesn’t proc a 2nd time either.

It DOES NOT state anywhere in either of those abilities that these can only happen once per fight.

Shouldn’t these work twice if you regen back above 25%?

I mean Hulk could sure use it. It’s not like he’s a top tier champ.


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    MarcusUnreadMarcusUnread Posts: 143
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    The “Friend From Work” synergy just says “becomes indestructible for 5 seconds WHEN below 20% health”. Which you already were for 5 seconds at some point earlier in fight. Doesn’t say when DROPPING below 20%.

    As for Hulk Passive, that one does say when DROPPING below 25%, but is probably meant to just happen once.
    Some other champs actually say “Once per fight” for some of their abilities that activate when falling below a certain level (but most of these are on champs that actually have some natural Regen available to them).

    They probably never worded all the other champs to say “once per fight”, because they typically would not have been able to Regen and cross that level a 2nd time. Heimdall synergy Regen now opens up that possibility to all champs now, but they just never went back to clarify the wording for what is probably a huge amount of champs.

    *NOTE, while Ultron DOES correctly say “once per fight”, the OG Ironman DOES NOT say “once per fight”, so could similarly be argued that his Arc Overload Regen should be able to happen over and over during the same fight. Obviously that would NOT be how he should work however.
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    MarcusUnreadMarcusUnread Posts: 143
    That’s a great observation and a very good point. Heimdall did debut later and rewording any champs with a presumably “once per fight” ability would be a really big chore. I presume that’s along the lines of what a mod will say but was hopeful these abilities could actully be activated a 2nd time during a fight since Hulk is already a middle of the pack champ, I actually give him much more value than most but that’s irrelevant.

    Either way thanks for the detailed feedback.
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