Is it just me or as the drop rate for units via battlechips completely whacked i ve cashed in 200 k s worth and not a single unit who else starting to think its fixed coz of the gifting quest


  • DęłtåDęłtå Posts: 295
    Yep the drop rate has been altered since gifting event started popped 800k uc bc for 300 units not good at all
  • Eh.... popped a 10 pack of basics and got 120 yesterday. The day before 15. The day before that, 0. Opening en mass doesn't always work to your advantage. I split them apart. Next will be a 10 pack of UC in a few days. Will report my outcome if I remember to do so, lol. RNG is always a luck based thing.
  • Daz2708Daz2708 Posts: 35
    Which i totally agree with its just luck what you get just think its total bs when a lot of folk are popping lots of crystal and getting no units 1st time since i ve started and yea im a 4 year vet that no luck with units when every other time i have
  • Arena Crystal drop rates haven't been altered.
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