Hyperion's body Design

It looks like Hyperion's right hand is twisted badly and even his body Design is same like Thor he should fly and in the info screen he should be shown flying like in marvel future fight

He must look like future fight Hyperion flying please guys support me to change his body Design


  • Reverend_RuckusReverend_Ruckus Posts: 347 ★★★
    The hand is like that because it’s the same model as Thor
  • I don't see this happening unless Hyperion were to get a full overhaul. Which, let's face it, he certainly doesn't need it. Hyperion as he currently is, works just fine. To rework his animations to make him fly would likely be a fair amount of work. For such an old champ who's not in need of an ability rework, it's highly unlikely Kabam would spend the money needed to make Hyperion 'fly' while fighting. He flies when he throws his heavy. He levitates when you use his S1. He kind of flies when dashing forward at the end of his S2 animation. He flies when you launch his S3. Just seems like it would be more hassle than it's worth to make a change purely based on aesthetics.
  • BsnskaBsnska Posts: 16
    edited December 2019
    I'm saying just to change his right hand it looks twisted I'm not saying to rework abilities or moves but only to fix his hand only
    I love playing with him
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