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Karnak on role reversal

JeniouisJeniouis Posts: 276
edited January 2020 in Strategy and Tips
If Karnak lowers his class disadvantage every five seconds
and he's on role reversal
What does that mean?
Cuz...if I put a mutant against him...The mutant will have the disadvantage and he will have the advantage
But since it still looks like he has the disadvantage...will he decrease his own new advantage?
or will it cancel out?
or will that stack on top?

And I know that the role reversal doesn't work on every aspect because she-hulk can't slow him because he's a skill.


  • JeniouisJeniouis Posts: 276
    Okay, I've since learned that the role reversal is only on attack...

    Mutant + | Skill -
    Mutant - | Skill +
    But it still shows as
    Mutant + | Skill -
    so when he decreases his advantage....does that mean he's stacking this on top of his new reversal advantage?
  • Johnnyblaze23Johnnyblaze23 Posts: 45
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 9,498 Guardian
    edited January 2020
    “Every 5 seconds, Karnak reduces his Class Disadvantage until it’s gone”

    First off... Role Reversal buff/node will “internally” reverse the +/- Attack values listed on the Pre-Fight screen. The pre-fight screen itself does not actually reflect the Reversal, but the Reversal of +/- on Attack value is applied in the fight itself to both champs.

    As to Karnak, which may be the only one (or at least one of a very few) that actually says “Advantage” or “Disadvantage” in his Abilities. Most others like Widow will specifically list the Classes affected (she specifically says + Science and - Mutant).
    **so note, Widow's “ability-negation” chance is NOT affected by Role Reversal.

    Since Karnak actually says his “Disadvantage”, that is a very good question. And (not sure, but) I think if he now has a disadvantage against Science (instead of Mutant), it very well could be that his Negative Attack value against Science will over time raise back up to his normal 0-level Attack value (during the fight). And that Reversal against Mutant will not do anything (he should keep his Plus Attack value during Mutant fights).

    (*edited.. not sure about the opponent's change in Attack value, even without Role Reversal. Whether Karnak's opponent slowly loses his Plus Attack advantage over Karnak as well, or if it is only Karnak who's Attack value changes over time in the fight ???)
  • ECOMAECOMA Posts: 328 ★★
    This is an interesting question I counter with who uses karnak for attack?
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 4,976 ★★★★★
    What happens if you're fighting Nameless Thanos (class advantage against everybody) in AQ and you've selected the Role Reversal global node?
  • JeniouisJeniouis Posts: 276
    @ECOMA I was finishing 5.2.2, not using Karnak on my attack team.
  • JeniouisJeniouis Posts: 276
    edited January 2020
    @Magrailothos Perhaps thats a good way to counter Nameless Thanos...??
  • JeniouisJeniouis Posts: 276
    @X_Factor_Agent Not necessarily, but why not just make an easy fight easier?
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