acornupia side quest - boss error on title screen

Did anyone else's quest show the same boss as yesterday incorrectly? So that, when they went in it was a totally different boss?

Happened to me tonight in Epic. Had domino yesterday as boss, came back tonight after collecting my baskets and saw domino again as boss in the title screen. Went in to see a smiling Nick Fury...

Sorry no pics as I just grit my teeth and went in, but wanted to know if this was a widespread glitch or just my game...


  • I don’t think the Title Screen (Entry Screen) shows which actual Boss has been chosen for you each time in advance.
    Otherwise you’d be tipped off as to who to prepare for as Boss.

    It is not like the EQ or ACT quests where the boss for each quest is shown on the Selector screen before you even go in and choose your team.

    Mine (by difficulty) show Venom, Venom, Domino, Domino on the entry screens. Is that the same that everyone is seeing ??
  • Bugmat78Bugmat78 Posts: 313 ★★
    That's a bit silly and misleading. Mine showed domino on the first day of the title and I got domino. Having used my 4 baskets I was done for the day. Naturally I came back, saw her again and assumed what any reasonable person would. Why not use a question mark icon if we are not supposed to know any of the defenders including the boss?
  • This was mine (Master) from this morning. Domino on Entry Page, but Champion boss within quest.

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