Acornucopia Epic sidequest kept giving only 4286 acorns every battle

pigupompompigupompom Posts: 34
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All the battles in epic supposed to gives a bump acorn every nodes however all battles gives only 4286 acorns today. Only champion boss gives 10k+ acorns.

Is anyone having this same issue? Why is this kept happening. Can kabam just be more clear on this sidequest and make a post about this already? There are so many issues since it’s out, no nutty calendar and now follow by incorrect acorn numbers. information like how many days or total acorn that can be obtained from this quest should be provided.


  • Uncle_Fatty_247Uncle_Fatty_247 Posts: 282 ★★
    The first three fights give 2143 each.

    The next six give you 4286 each.

    The boss gives you 10714.
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    QUOTE “All the battles in epic supposed to gives a bump acorn every node...”

    Where did you see that ?? Don’t recall them saying anywhere that each and every fight will reward more acorns per fight than the previous fight.

    Total # of Acorns earned at any given point in the quest (and then either quitting, or finishing thru to completion) for the different difficulties has been compiled into a nice chart by Trucos...

    And as others have said, the first few fights all give the same amount per fight, then that amount jumps up to a higher amount for the next xxx number of fights, and then boss is even higher than that.

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