How Would You Buff A Character In One Sentence.

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Hey guys so I’ve been thinking about this and well I got a few ideas of one sentence changes that rework a character to fit more into the contest. For example here’s Black Bolt, Diablo, and Howard The Duck.

Black Bolt: Awanked ability allows him to gain buffs every 5 seconds over the fight and each one of those buffs get 10% stronger each time one is placed on Black Bolt to a maximum of 10 of each buff.

Diablo: Remove persistent charges and have unlimited use of potions.

Howard The Duck: Sp1 ability can be used up to 10 times each battle, armor ups and fury’s are passive, as well as fury’s having 100% potency and 15% more chance to generate on hit, and his passive buffs never fall off unless struck by a combo.


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    Phoenix: dashing back and holding block for 2seconds converts 10 fury buffs into one permanent passive fury buff (once per fight) increasing her attack by 135% while still generating fury buffs normally.

    Moon knight: refreshing a bleed within 2seconds after it is triggered increases the damage of the bleed by a stacking 20% flat to a maximum of 200%.

    Black bolt: As his combo meter increases, bb gathers his energy into his fists so every 15th hit is a master blow which deals increased damage and stuns the opponent for 2 seconds

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    All Groot really needs is an increase in buff potency. Look what regen does for Iron Man or furies for Captain Marvel. It's not so much a rework as it is a quick buff. But anyways...

    "Groot buffs increased potency by [x]%"
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    Sentry' signature ability: his reality warps persist regardless of his hp. Also each warp increases block proficiency by X (scaled w sig lvl)
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    - Venompool - when getting genetic
    memory buff , holding block or heavy saves it and triggers all saved buffs after each special activation + bleeds on basic crit mediums
    - Dr.strange - sp2 triggers next phase on current active phase and doubles duration of both active phases,100% chance to trigger effects on sp2, (also kabam specify amount of how much fury, crit DS gains)
    - Hela - unstoppable and 2000 physical resistance while charging heavy
    - Electra - guranteed critial hits on mediums and special attacks on bleeding or armour broken targets
    - superior ironman - trigger power gain buff every 9 seconds + incinerate and shock debuffs deal no damage .100% chance on armour breaks on specials
    - Anihilus - permanent stifles on sp3 (sp2 removes them,stifle also reduce passive powergain effects
    - deadpool xforce - double powergain 60%+ 30% and if deadpool has completed his dance once in fight trigger passive fury increasing his attack by 100%+ after rainbow of power
    - iron fist - 15% chance to nulify buffs on medium atttacks and put stagger on low attacks , heavy attack = chi attacks passively stuns opponent disorienting by disrupting the chi reducing ability accuracy by 50% for 3 seconds
    - Loki - cold ,frost immunity, 50% chance to put curse on sp1.
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    Iron fist - triple armour gain potency and heavy nullifies one of every buff
    Doc strange - all blessing effects doubled in potency and abilities on the l2 are guaranteed to trigger
  • solopolosolopolo Posts: 489 ★★★
    Moon Knight: Ability Accuracy is increased by a flat 30% while the opponent is Bleeding.

    DPX: All Bleeds can now stack.

    Black Bolt: Gains 1% Crit Rating for each hit on his combo meter.

    Thor JF: Crits have a 30% chance to refresh all Shock debuffs on an opponent.
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    Proxima: persistent charges for her missions. She will be beyond god tier for EQ, Story and AQ.
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    Show them love'

    Love you x

    Supreme Leader x
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    Tower Guardian
    The more "Focused" and "True Strike" buffs generated by his abillities, he passively gets 5% more attack and increasingly higher crit chance up to a max of 200% attack, and max 150% crit chance boost. If any of his buffs are nullified by enemy contact (think SS stagger, not nodes) he looses 15% in each area every time this happens.
    Tactical Enforcement.
    For each bleed, active or caused by his specials, each successful bleed after the first gain a 10% increase in duration and power to a max of 200% increase in both areas. These are lost if the opponent becomes immune to bleed, or Hawkeye gets knocked down by any means.
    Just the 2 champs that hit me atm.
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    Storm: critical hits inflict shock, special attacks are guaranteed to shock, double the chance to stun.
    Psylocke: every charge increases power gain by 2.5% and archangel synergy doubles that amount.
    Howard the Duck: switch the effects of the SP3 with the sig.
    Ronan: place buffs on the opponent in a similar fashion as Doctor Voodoo.
    Juggernaut: while Unstoppable, gain a passive Fury that increases damage by at least 50%.
    Nebula: make the electroshock mechanic the same as Masacre.
    Hulk: when Fury buffs refresh, nullify, expire or prevented from activating, gain a passive Fury effect that increases Fury buff potency by 10-15%% and when awakened a certain amount of passives persist between fights.
    Rogue: double the timer duration of her losing the stolen buffs and let her steal buffs with every special attack.
    Ebony Maw: nullify all buffs with the sp1, black tongue has a shatter effect and deterioration passives reduce potency of all buffs by 15% each, up to 10 and double the degen damage and continue the persuasive voice after black tongue, inflicting multiple black tongues each fight and let black tongues transfer between fights (long sentence but necessary).
    Cable: base the chance of getting regen/power gain in a similar fashion as Magik.
    Guillotine: phantasm reverts all regen, power gain and stat change effects.
    Mordo: double the duration of the Fury buffs.
    Kamala Khan: change the fury gain from heavy in a similar way as Mordo.
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    monomugg said:

    Hawkeye: prefight ability: select one type of arrow for entire fight: power drain arrow, shock arrow, bleed arrow, petrify arrow

    Even better! ☻👍
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    ELECTRO - place passive shocks on him self for 12 with every critical hit - max stack 10.refresh all shocks with specials or heavy attack
    KING GROOT - Heavy attack refresh all poison damage and 50% chance to place passive fury stack
    FALCON - Locked on duration 20 seconds and increase attack by 50% and critical rate by 35% ,100% chance to shrugg off 1 debuff during 1 locked on . SP3 during locked on drops critical incinerate.
  • Apocalypse189Apocalypse189 Posts: 783 ★★
    Magneto: Add Persistent Charge to gain buffs based on mutant Teammates and synergies and significantly more Damage
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    Diablo: Be able to refresh concoctions.
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    How to buff champs in one line ?
    "Increase damage by 1000%" there you go
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    Punisher 2099 gains permanent passive fury effect for every 25% battery charge gained capping off at 8 and gains cruelty lasting 5 seconds after activating a special attack.
  • SpawnSupremeSpawnSupreme Posts: 6
    Magneto: Heavy Attacks and/or Special Attacks cause additional effects/debuffs and damage to characters under magnetism effect and just increased base attack
  • SpawnSupremeSpawnSupreme Posts: 6
    Storm: give her new Special Attack animations or new Basic Attack animations to explore more of her weather control power and make her cause Coldsnap and Frostbite
  • RockypantherxRockypantherx Posts: 600 ★★★
    Killmonger: Bleeds can now stack
    Winter Soldier: Power drained scales with sig
    Angela: Aptitude buff after SP3 is permanent
    Claire Voyant: Deal 2% extra energy damage per Clairvoyant charge
    Guillotine: Soul Charges are permanent
    Psylocke: Gains normal power and SP2 has 1 second stun
    Human Torch: Well-Timef blocks grant 1 smoulder charge
    Gwenpool: SP2 inflicts power lock instead of enervate
    She-Hulk: can chain heavy after 4 hit combo( wink wink )
    Silver surfer: Immune to all shock and incinerate damage
    Aarkus: Can stack armour shatters but each subsequent armour shattered suffers -20% potency
    Invisible Woman: Parry no longer removed invisibility
    Black Panther CW: Each armour up also grants +30% prowess

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    Juggernaut activating a special attack grants 1 indestructible charge for 4 seconds getting hit while this is active gives him a 200% fury for 10 seconds
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