I’d evade synergy with Nick Fury bugged

I’ve had deep discussion with alliance pals and the community. The evade synergy states the first three unblocked hits will be auto evades. Why does this work when attacking or being open not holding block but when mid dash back I can get tagged by a projectile special attack or a beam? As this is an unblocked move?


  • Patchie93Patchie93 Posts: 1,898 ★★★★
    Because you can't dash back well already dashing back
  • jimibegoode83jimibegoode83 Posts: 70
    I was trying to get some more evidence for an alliance member in my team. I explained that the input to evade overrides the mechanism of auto evade so a projectile or a beam special can tag you mid dash if your not careful.
  • jimibegoode83jimibegoode83 Posts: 70
  • Opponent maybe has True Strike ??
  • jimibegoode83jimibegoode83 Posts: 70
    I’ve used the synergy extensively on normal fights and this is how the AI interpretations are my input of a dash back overrides the mechanism. If I was wide open the mechanic works but if I mistime say a cyclops beam it I’ve already attempted my own dexterity so it. I was looking for more confirmation really off a kabam employee to confirm what I’m getting at because people are not understanding what I’m saying nor believe me.
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