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The whole process of requesting Help, and helping in the game is so tedious and painful... Doing arena and having champs go directly into refresh mode without being able to request help, then an hour later you have 100 champs sitting at the top of your list you have to ask HELP on... 1 by one and wait for the "HELP REQUESTED!" animation to slowly pop up each time....
Then helping people, you can only go 4 at a time, and eventually that stops working and you have to etiher go 1 by one for the alliance, or back out of the game and go back in to keep going...




  • ChovnerChovner Posts: 298 ★★★
    edited January 18
    Maybe I should add a question to this instead of just a complaint:
    @Kabam Miike or someone from the team, what are the plans to improve our experience with the Help system to make it not be such a chore? It's a great concept, but heavily flawed in execution and performance.

    Given the amount of times (and time) this has gotten complained about, the game team should have some ongoing testing on improving this system in the midst of all the continued game design and new content?
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    Cant really fix it. They've said a help all button would crash the game. And if you get rid of it then how do we gain daily loyalty?

    I'd imagine instantly putting champs could also cause negative effects on the server due to not knowing how many potential people are grinding at the same time.
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    I was just saying the same thing in my alliance. It can’t handle 4 requests without getting connection issues. They seem to be only to handle incoming money transactions really well.
  • Patchie93 said:

    ... And if you get rid of it then how do we gain daily loyalty? ...

    Um, there would still be ENERGY HELPS, which they could scale up to cover the needed amount of Loyalty that could be earned each day.

    Such as awarding more loyalty per Energy Help, allowing 20 helps instead of 10 (maybe only the first 10 helps would actually give you the extra 2 energy then ?), or maybe even cutting the refresh cool down to be once every 4 or 6 hours instead of 8 hours.

    They could definitely rework the Energy Help to maintain the available Loyalty.

    And TOTALLY GET RID OF ARENA HELPS. Just adjust the standard cooldown for arena instead of 2/7/12 hours, change it to 1:55, 6:45, 11:30 hours (without needing to do Helps).
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