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Awakening Doctor Voodoo?

Hey everyone, I have a 5star Rank 4 Doctor Voodoo? He is already great but I think he becomes a god when awakened. If the question was "do you think I should awaken him with a generic gem", I would definitely say no but, I have a mutant/tech/science awaken gems and 2 generic awaken gems. So voodoo players what do you recommend.


  • TerraTerra Posts: 4,517 ★★★★★
    As owner of a 4/55, I'd definitely say he's worth a generic.
    He's also a very good choice for a class gem.
  • LibralonixLibralonix Posts: 229
    Definitely worth it in my opinion, I had mine at rank 4 for so long unawakened and I thought he was great, soon as I got him awakened he was so much better. If you use him alot in your roster and dont have any other mystic worthy champs I say go for it
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