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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • JohnHSJohnHS Posts: 509 ★★★
    Seriously dude @gmail_on_com4, your posts are getting deleted, and they're just cluttering everyone's feed up. Please cut it down a bit.
  • NorsewarriorNorsewarrior Posts: 67
    edited November 2019
    ⚠️⚠️I have ten character suggestions that could be added in the future of Marvel Contest of Champions.⚠️⚠️
    #10. Unworthy Thor
    #9. Shuri (T'Challa)
    #8. Spiderman 2099 (Miguel O'Hara)
    #7. Malekith The Accursed
    #6. Iron Monger (MCU and/or Comic)
    #5. Odin: Thor's Father
    #4. Black Cat (Felicia Hardy)
    #3. Bullseye
    #2. Red She-Hulk
    #1. Apocalypse

  • RizantRizant Posts: 1
    edited November 2019
    Hello! I don't know if someone will read this, but I have to try. First, the Goblin Family:
    1) Red Goblin: A Cosmic Goblin with Carnage's Klyntar power is a must! I suggest a Union between the Madness of Norman and Buff Power of Carnage. Blood power is quite elementary for a Klyntar, but it could be Inarrestable with a bleed buff, like Cletus
    2) HobGoblin: A Goblin with a laugh iperdazing, demoniac power, iperigeneration... Misthyc, Technic, your decision, but you can't consider him
    3) Menace: Lily Hollister. The first Goblin that can transform herself in a true demoniac Imp. Think about it
    And, always SuperVillain:
    4) Adriana Soria: The Spider Queen, scientific or Mystic, it's a must of the SpiderVerse. Strong and fast as Captain America, SpiderPower and control, dazing screech... A SpiderKiller
    5) Shriek: A Mistyc/Talent girl with all sounds control and the total control target's emotion, especially fear and despair. You have a lot of possibility with her
    6) Bullseye: Ok, you have a lot of Marvel's killer between Winter Soldier, Taskmaster, Elektra and MoonKnight. But one of more maniac like Bullseye with direct hit, insanely blood buff and critic capacity... Just give him a chance
    7) Toombstone: Yes, we already have a grey giant, but Joe Fixit it's just one of the Crime Kings with Kingpin, Hood and Toombstone. Is a villain version of Luke Cage, bleed, poison, burn immune, very strong, very killer... A good idea is put him like a Scientific guy
    8) Carrion: Here's a villain that can be a very dastardly assassin. It can be a Mystic or a Scientific him too, but his Power: organic repulsion, poison emission and density control... Intangibilty, poison buff and personal strong debuffer
    9) SandMan: I don't know if you want put him in a Spider Event, but strong villain, blood immune, hit missing, evasion SpideyStyle. Anymore cool things to add about him?
    10) Wizard. The king of Gravity power and devices, is a Technic with a large debuff and buff scale against flying Heroes and Villains (Vulture, Magneto, Archangel, Cap Marvel and more incoming)
    And, for the Heroes Chapter, just 2, please!
    11) Captain Britain, the wielder of Excalibur. Great power of crushing everything and Merlin protection, talent or Mysthic, crushing armor and bleeding king. Please
    12) Quicksilver: Mutant. Speed. Evasion. A new version of Nightcrawler with Ghost's capacity of cruelty. And the Brother of Scarlet. Never leave these two separate.

    And I am so sorry for my horrible english
  • elgaberinoelgaberino Posts: 74

    ⚠️⚠️I have ten character suggestions that could be added in the future of Marvel Contest of Champions.⚠️⚠️
    #10. Unworthy Thor

    All of these are great suggestions and receiving votes on the wishlist poll except Unworthy Thor. Feel free to add him to the voting.
    Rizant said:

    Hello! . . . 1) Red Goblin: . . . 3) Menace: Lily Hollister. . . . 4) Adriana Soria: The Spider Queen, . . . 5) Shriek: . . . 8) Carrion

    These several are not on the poll yet. Please feel free to add them there, too.

    Tweeting the Wishlist
    In other news, the wishlist poll now has a twitter account. I'll be retweeting leaks, hints, and everything related to the future of the Battlerealm.
  • Man I need some better players
  • Javier2889Javier2889 Posts: 3
    The Blob should be in MCOC because he is a villain in the X-Mens in the comic books and in The Wolverine were they remakes deadpool anyway he would be a good character in MCOC for next year
  • MastercrisMastercris Posts: 87
    The game needs more mystic champs and Captain Britain could be a great mystic champ, since he got his powers from Merlin himself
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