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  • This is my list of champions that would be amazing in the marvel contest of champions:

















  • Mutant:

    Mikhail Rasputin
    Mr. Immortal
    Sebastian Shaw
    Unus the Untouchable
    Boom Boom
    Black Tom Cassidy
    Major Victory
  • Norm81Norm81 Posts: 1


    Crimson sage (earth 9997)


    Bug-Eyed Voice

    Mojo II
  • Shock29Shock29 Posts: 365 ★★★

    Class - Skill

    Signature Ability - Tactile Thinker
    Nighhawk has countermeasures for every class and other ones to increase his survival odds
    Science - Nighthawks hits that bleed are true striked preventing evade and Nighthawk recieves X% crit chance
    Skill - Nighthawk recieves 10% more resistance to bleed and 5% more evade chance
    Mutants - Nighthawk decreases special attack damage by X% and gains 10% potency on his power drain
    Cosmic - All debuffs placed on Nighthawk's opponent decrease the potency and duration of buffs by 5%, max 35%
    Tech - Nighthawk's armor break on the Special 2 is upgraded to an armor shattered and Nighthawk gains X armor
    Nighthawk has a 25% chance to evade all regular attacks
    Nighthawk's heal block becomes passive
    Nighthawk's recharge on his safeguard is decreased by 1 second

    Nighthawks suit is insulated and equiped with a bulletproof vest giving him immunity to shock and 80% resistance to bleed

    Nighthawk starts the battle with a safeguard. It does not allow for more than 5% of his health to be taken and once removed comes back after 9 seconds.

    Razor Attacks
    Nighthawk has razor sharp blades attached to his hands. The blades make contact on his mediums and second light attack. Each hit has a 25% chance to bleed dealing X attack over 9 seconds. The last hit of Nighthawks sp 2 and sp 3 has 100% to critical bleed for X attack over 6 seconds. If the opponent is immune to bleed, Nighthawk activates his contigency, charging his blades with electricity which applies shocks instead of bleeds. Shocks last the same in duration but when a crit bleed would be activated it is just a shock with 20% potency.

    Precsion and Cruelty
    On activation of special attack, Nighthawk gains a precison and cruelty buff increasing crit chance by X percent and crit damage by X%. Every special attack after that refreshes any active cruelty and precision.

    Special Attacks
    Special 1 - Power Contingency
    Nighthawk deploys his plan to deal with power gain.
    Applies a crit bleed dealing X damage over 6 seconds and
    Drains 1 bar of power on last hit

    Special 2 - Armor Contingency
    Nighthawk deploys his plan to deal with armor ups
    This attack does true damage
    Applies 10 second armor break and and crit bleed dealing X damage over 6 seconds

    Special 3 - The Most-Effective Contigency
    Nighthawk beats his opponent into his trap and as they explode upward, Nighthawk leaps up to slam them back down guaranteeing no recovery.
    Applies 3 second stun, 10 second heal block, and crit bleed lasting 6 seconds dealing X damage.
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    Hulk(Overhaule Buff)
    Class Science
    Size Extra-Large

    Signature Ability
    Leave Hulk Alone: Gain 1 persistent charge every time Hulk wins a fight and loss 1 when Hulk falls in battle(Max charges 5), for every charge Hulk gains 10 Rage at the start of the fight.

    Hulk regens X health per second.

    When fighting gamma beings he gains a 20% regen increase due to more gamma absorption.

    Hulk starts with a 20% chance to tenacity any debuff that is not passive, every time that Tenacity activates increase the chance by 15%.

    Hulks rage grows throughout the fight.

    Rage increases by 2 when struck, 1 when striking, 4 with well timed blocks, and 5 when being hit by or dealing damage through a special attack.(Rage max stack 50)

    Hulk gains an increased attack rating of X per Rage stack, and all regen abilities increase in strength by 3% per Rage stack.

    When Rage stacks are at max gain an additional burst of X physical damage per hit, but relieves 5 Rage when striking and 10 when special is activated and can no longer gain Rage offensively. Rage will act this way until Rage falls to 0.

    Fracture and Rupture
    Hulk has a 100% chance to place a Fracture dealing X damage over 4 seconds when the opponent is stunned, every hit in Hulks heavy has a chance 50% to place a Rupture dealing X extra physical damage when the opponent is struck.

    Hulk is the Strongest There is
    When the opponent is below 15% health Hulk permanently taunts the opponent for the rest of the fight.

    If the opponent is taunted Hulk can activate his special attacks in the middle of the opponents specials(not special 3) and stun the opponent with fear.

    Hulk Smash
    Every 13 seconds Hulk becomes extra angre with a passive Hulk Smash buff that is removed after hitting the opponent and does not stack, when active Hulks next attack will be unblockable and has a 75% increased critical chance.

    If the Hulk Smash attack is a heavy Hulk gains 1 furry lasting 6 seconds that increases attack by X, if it is a special attack gain 3 furries that last 8 seconds and increase attack by X.

    Special 1
    Has a 100% chance to stun the opponent for 1 second.

    Special 2
    If this attack is unblockable place 3 petrify debuffs that last 10 seconds.

    Special 3
    Gain 15 Rage, if at max Rage state stun the opponent for 2 seconds.
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    Jimmy Robotface

    Moses magnum



  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 2,075 ★★★★★
    Wegzdu said:

    Jimmy Robotface

    Moses magnum




    As much as I love the idea of siryn, banshee should be here long before her lol.
  • Cosmic:

    Nova (Frankie Raye)
    Ego the Living Planet
    Captain Universe
    Brood (the one from Planet Hulk)
    Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)
    Balder the Brave
    Impossible Man
    Omega the Unknown
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    The two champs I would love to see the most:

    Union Jack

    Captain Britain

    Would be fantastic to see either one of these two in the game.
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    Could we please have more asgardians in the game and not the main characters, there's so much choice

    Much more

    And there's the villains

    Among others.
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    Edgar Lascombe

    Elisa Sinclair

    Green Skull

    The high-Zero
  • Science:

    Ravage 2099
    Hulk 2099
    Doop (at least I think he'd be a science champion)
    Mister Negative
    Captain America (Danielle Cage)
  • Shock29Shock29 Posts: 365 ★★★
    Dr. Spectrum

    Class - Mystic
    Signature Ability - The Power Prism
    Dr. Spectrum's power is derived from the Power Prism giving him control over energy abilities, using them to help him rather than hurt.
    Bursts or detonations of energy damage do 85% less damage and give him X of a bar of power.
    Shocks and Incinerate do nothing but give him X power for each second their active. Incinerates also do not reduce block proficency but increase it by 25%.
    If any of these energy abilties happen against Dr. Spectrum, apply two Rift Charges upon opponent.

    Discharge, Absorption, Displacement
    Dr. Spectrum starts off the battle in the Absorption Phase which is indefinte. While in Absorption Phase critical hits, heavy attacks, and hits on the end of an combo apply a Rift Charge on the opponent, max of 25. Absorption Phase also has Dr. Spectrum take 60% less damage from opponents who deal energy damage.

    To enter Displacement Phase, dodge back and hold block for 1.0 second. Displacement provides 100% chance that all hits will falter and put one Rift charge per hit faltered. Dr. Spectrum also recieves 35% critical chance on regular hits and 45% critical chance on Special attacks. Displacement lasts 15 seconds.

    Discharge Phase Activates on Special 2 and Special 3 and lasts 15 second. Dr. Spectrum gains 100% attack and Rift charges provide 30% more energy burst damage. Staggers also lasts two seconds longer. Discharge lasts 15 seconds.

    Rift Charges
    Dr. Spectrum using his power to put Rifts upon the enemy. Rifts give Dr. Spectrum 2% increased power gain and allow Dr. Spectrum to deal bursts of energy damage for each Rift charge upon then enemy. Dr. Spectrum cannot apply more then 25 Rift charges. Power slips away in the Rifts and each Rift charges also lowers power gained on the opponent by 2%.

    Dr. Spectrum applies staggers on heavy attack and special attacks which all last 11 seconds.

    Special Attacks
    Special One - Your power is mine!
    Dr. Spectrum blasts his opponent before leaping forward to leech power away.
    Power stolen comes back to Dr. Spectrum as health in a proportionate amount.
    Applies one stagger and 3 rift charges.

    Special Two - You can't have my power!
    Dr. Spectrum kicks his opponent away before unleashing a large blast of energy.
    If not already in Discharge phase, Dr. Spectrum enters Discharge Phase for 15 seconds. If already in Discharge phase,
    refresh any pre-existing Discharge Phase and stack another Discharge Phase with 35% less potency and duration.
    Applies one stagger

    Special Three - Energy Obliteration
    Dr. Spectrum blasts his opponent repeatendly before throwing them in an energy vortex to tumble around before punching them out.
    If not already in Discharge phase, Dr. Spectrum enters Discharge Phase for 15 seconds. If already in Discharge phase,
    refresh any pre-existing Discharge Phase and stack another Discharge Phase with 35% less potency and duration.
    Applies 3 staggers and one 8 second power lock.

    Extra Notes - Dr. Spectrum cannot stack his Discharge Phase more than twice. Abosrption Phase cannot be active while Discharge or Displacement are active. Displacment Phase cannot stack but can be active during Discharge Phase. Additonally, Displacement Phase has a 12 second cooldown. All of Dr. Spectrum's attacks do energy damage except the first hit of his Special 2 which does physical damage. Dr. Spectrum is also 15% more vulernable to physical damage in all forms.
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    I believe I speak for a large portion of MCOC game-players when I say that we want an Avengers Endgame Thanos

  • GreanGrean Posts: 1,373 ★★★★
    V1PER said:

    I believe I speak for a large portion of MCOC game-players when I say that we want an Avengers Endgame Thanos

    instead we got one of the most annoying defenders
  • Crimson Dynamo

    Special attacks
    Special 1: stun missile system- Crimson Dynamo electrifies his fist then fires 3 missiles from his gauntlet

    Special 2: Vanko's Vengeance- Crimson Dynamo fires an EMP pulse then launches a mini ICBM before ripping the up the ground and decking his enemy just as the missile lands

    Special 3: Crimson Holocaust- Crimson Dynamo's short fuse ends up with him smashing his opponent into the ground temporarily incapacitating them with shock bolas before flying into space and activating an Soviet orbital weapons platform, ending his opponent with a nuke or two.

    Awakened ability: Death Pulse- as Crimson Dynamo gains more armour ups he supercharges his armour and when he reaches 6 armour up buffs he places a degeneration debuff on his enemy

    Arc Reactor rivals- Iron Man(Infinity War), Iron Man, Iron Patriot, War Machine, Coming Soon(Iron Monger?)
    Russians- Black Widow, Red Guardian, Black Widow(Deadly Origin)
    Friends- Kingpin, Taskmaster

  • Baron Zemo
    Special attacks
    Special 1: Shoot And Slash- Zemo pulls out his Beretta and fires a few shots to disorient his foe before horizontally slashing his foe's body

    Special 2: Riposte Revenge: Zemo showcases his exceptional talent with a sword as he brutally stabs and slashes his foe before smacking them on the head with the pommel of his sword and moving back for an edge on his enemy

    Special 3: Time to see an empire fall: Zemo uses his knowledge of the sword and guns to obliterate his enemy

    Awakened ability: EKO Scorpion training- Zemo's time as a black ops soldier makes him even more deadlier as each fury buff becomes permanent on him

    Civil War- Captain America, Iron Man
    Thunderbolts- Venom, Red Hulk, Iron Patriot
    Friends- Red Skull, Taskmaster
    Nemesis- Winter Soldier, Falcon, Captain America

  • Bodybag

    The Unspoken

  • SlaperSlaper Posts: 1
    Hello! This is my first upload to the forums and I think that White Tiger (Ava Ayala) would be a great option along with Mantis (MCU style) with Psylocke (classic purple uniform) being another good addition (but probably not as much of a priority). For male champions I think Goliath (Bill Foster) and Whiplash would be good! Hope you consider some of these characters!
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    edited November 2020

    Class - Tech
    Signature Ability - Meltdown
    Ultimo absorbs heat energy to run his systems. At max Geothermal Energy, the space around Ultimo becomes superheated dealing X damage per second the opponent is in the field. Active incinerates are paused within the field and perfect block chance is reduced to 0%. Any incinerates applied at the time are even hotter recieving 20% potency and duration. This lasts 15 seconds before Geothermal Energy resets.

    Ultimo is a robot with advanced systems that run off massive amounts of Geothermal energy. Ultimo has lack of blood providing him full immunity to poison and bleed affects. Running off Geothermal Energy gives Ultimo 100% resistance to incinerates.
    For each incinerate is active on him or the enemy, Ultimo gains 3% power gain and attack and every second an incinerate is active gives 3 Geothermal Energy.

    Geothermal Energy , Persistant Charge
    Ultimo abosrbs heat energy in variety of ways to charge himself up. This is measured in Geothermal Energy, max 100. Upon reaching 100 Geothermal Energy, gain a 120% fury buff lasting 15 seconds. While this fury buff is active, UItimo is stun-immune, armor break immune, coldsnap immune, and his heavy is passively unstoppable. With the awakened abiltiy, Ultimo gains his superheated field for the duration of the fury. When the fury ends, Ultimo will reset to 20 charges.
    With use his persistant charge, he can save 75% of his charges for the next fight.

    Ultimo gains 1 Geothermal Energy for each hit achieved. Ultimo gains Geothermal Energy off incinerates and special attacks. Ultimo loses 5 energy when a heavy attack hits him and when an incinerate fails to apply. Ultimo loses 1 energy for each second a coldsnap is active on him.

    Ultimo gains other bonuses at certain Energy amounts
    At 25+ energy, gain an indefinte armor up
    At 50+ energy, Armor breaks applied recieve 30% potency
    At 75+ energy, Stuns applied are one second longer

    Heavy Attacks
    Ultimo's heavy animation - Ultimo increses in size slightly and glows absorbing energy before releasing a wave of heat
    Ultimo when charging his heavy will steal power from the enemy and convert it into Geothermal Energy. The opponent has to be nearby for Ultimo to steal power. Ultimo steals power at a rate of 5% a bar of power every .5 seconds. Each 5% stolen is converted into 3 Geothermal Energy. Upon hitting a heavy, apply one incinerate doing X damage over 10 seconds and reducing block proficency by 70%. This costs 5 Geothermal Energy to apply

    Special Attacks
    Special 1 - Targeted Fire
    Ultimo stomps the ground before lasering his opponent with his eyes
    Applies one incinerate dealing X damage over 10 seconds.This cost 5 Geothermal Energy.
    Ultimo's lasers are so powerful they burn the opponent through block.

    Special 2 - Destruction Punch
    Ultimo pounds the ground twice before delivering an earth shattering uppercut to launch the opponent backward.
    Applies 4 second stun and 12 second armor break reducing armor by X

    Special 3 - Full Power Directed
    Ultimo unleashes a heat wave so hot it brings his opponent to the ground. Ultimo grows and picks his opponent up before lasering them with eyes and punching them into the ground.
    3 incinerates are applied dealing X damage over 10 seconds. An 8 second power lock is applied reducing power gain 100%

    Extra Notes - Ultimo gains 1 Geothermal Energy off getting hit from regular attacks not counting specials and heavys.
    Ultimo starts off the battle with 0 Geothermal Energy. Ultimo is a champion with a chunky healthpool.
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    Class: Mutant

    Bio: An outlier even among Mutants, ForgetMeNot had the niche ability of having all memory of his existence erased from people's minds. Worse still, he possessed no control over this power, and Charles Xavier is the only person who acknowledges him via an hourly reminder set up through Cerebro to remind him about the poor Mutant. After being teleported to the Battlerealm however, his exposure to ISO-8 supercharged his X-gene, transforming him from a meek loner to an Omega-level Mutant capable of altering the state of an item's existence. He now fights alongside his fellow X-Men, defending Krakoa from the Collector's interference.

    Mechanics: ForgetMeNot's main strength lies in his ability to ignore enemy attacks and revive upto a point, but much like his powers, this requires skill and care to execute. In the right hands he can constantly bounce back from the dead and punish opponents for using their Special Attacks.

    - ForgetMeNot starts the Quest with 2 "Reality Check" Charges, which are indicated by his Persistent Charges.
    - Reality Check Charges are activated when ForgetMeNot uses his first Heavy Attack, and he can use only 1 Charge at a time.
    - When ForgetMeNot spends a Reality Check he sets a checkpoint at the health at which he used the first Heavy Attack. The next time he would be Knocked Out by an attack, he instead Revives upto this Health percentage and loses the Charge. He cannot place another Reality Check at the same Health percentage.
    - If ForgetMeNot were to be hit by a Special Attack while not Blocking, he activates a Falter Debuff for 6 seconds, bypassing the attack. All attacks dealt during this Debuff's activation deal no damage and Miss the opponent. This ability has a 15 second cooldown period.
    - If an opponent uses the same Special Attack twice in a row that Special Attack becomes locked until their next Special Attack. Additionally, the opponent becomes Stunned for 4 seconds and gain a Degeneration Debuff dealing x% damage over 2 seconds after using the same Special Attack twice in a row.
    - Heavy Attacks have a 60% chance to steal 20% of the opponent's current Power and 100% chance to inflict a Degeneration Debuff, dealing x% damage over 5 seconds.

    Special Attacks
    Special 1
    - Incinerate the opponent, dealing x% damage as energy damage over 3 seconds.
    - Place a Taunt Debuff on the opponent, increasing their chance to use a Special Attack by 70%.

    Special 2
    - Drain 30% of the opponent's Power.
    - Refresh the duration of Falter Debuffs on the opponent.

    Special 3
    - Gain a Power Gain buff, passively building 30% max Power over 12 seconds.
    - Lock all the opponent's Special Attacks for 15 seconds.

    Signature Ability: Existential Superposition
    *By tapping into the depths of his powers, ForgetMeNot removes the opponent from existence*
    Once per Quest, while charging a Heavy Attack for 5 seconds, ForgetMeNot has a 40-180% Chance to swap Health Bars with the opponent, gaining their Health and switching it with his own. This ability cannot be used on Final Bosses.

    Note: This seems slightly useless because of the long Heavy charging time, but that's where the Falter Comes into play! If you time it right he can avoid an opponent's Special Attack, switch Health with them and immediately Steal their Power to fuel his own Specials. This should typically be used when he's at extremely low Health and on the opponent's first Special Attack to easily take out the opponent while regaining much of his lost Health.

    I initially posted this on a separate Thread but was told to redirect it here. I hope y'all like him, this is my first Character Build.
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    edited November 2020
    I would relly like to see solo and bat roc
  • I really think this game should add Giant Man (Hank Pym) and the original Wasp (Janet Van Dyne). I mean, seriously, you have so many Avengers even the same character in multiple version but you left out 2 of it’s founding members? These two are also very important characters in Marvel comic universe. You can just use Sentinel for the basic model for Giant Man and Hope for Janet with new skins.

  • Tech:

    Beetle (Abner Jenkins)
    High Evolutionary
    Ghost Rider 2099
    Doom 2099
    Zeke Stane
    Beetle (Janice Lincoln)
    Crimson Dynamo
    Ghost (Classic)
    Tomorrow Man
    Awesome Android
    Iron Maiden
    Blue Eagle
    Iron Patriot (Toni Ho)
    Justice Peace
    Master Mold

  • Henry McCoy (Earth-15104)


    Amka Aliyak

  • Please add "Chakra: The invincible"
  • RookiieRookiie Posts: 2,838 ★★★★★
    DeadFist. His haikus alone are awesome.

  • Mystic:

    Dargo Ktor
    Strange 2099
    Steel Serpent
    White Tiger
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