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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • LLEEXXLLEEXX Posts: 29
    edited November 2021

    Loki (classic)
    Special 1
    Loki creates a concussion on his opponent and shoots energy blasts at him.
    Special 2
    Loki resizes and hits the opponent with his staff.
    Special 3
    Loki transforms into a giant snake and suffocates his opponent causing great damage.
  • Death Dealer (Skill)

    Mandroid (Tech)

    Pagon (Cosmic)

    Alligator Loki (Mystic)
  • Nur (Cosmic)

    Black Panther (Bashenga) (Skill)

    Flint (Cosmic)
  • LLEEXXLLEEXX Posts: 29

    Special 1
    Sapd gives a strong kick creating a contusion to his opponent
    Special 2
    Sapd punches with his tongue causing an intoxication to his opponent
    Special 3
    Sapd hits his enemy many times with his tongue and creates an intoxication and a concussion on his opponent.

    Blob, Domino, Quicksilver, Mistyc
    Rogue, Iceman, Kitty Pride

  • ErarajEraraj Posts: 12
    Endgame captain America and thor (duel weilding thor )
  • Black Panther (Horseman of Apocalypse) (Skill)

    Hydra Spider-Man (Science)

    Spider-Man 2099 (Miles Morales) (Science)

    Groot (Gwen Stacy) (Cosmic)
  • Black_AntBlack_Ant Posts: 7
    Black ant
  • Black_AntBlack_Ant Posts: 7

  • Phoenix (Spider-Gwen) (Cosmic)

    Phoenix (Thor) (Cosmic)

    Phoenix (Valkyrie) (Cosmic)

    Loki 2099 (Tech)

    Wolverine (Mary Jane) (Mutant)

    Black Gwendow (Skill)

    Doctor Strange (Horseman of Apocalypse) (Mystic)
  • LLEEXXLLEEXX Posts: 29

    Silver Samurai's mutant power is the ability to generate a tachyon energy field from his body. He can focus this energy through anything he touches, but he prefers to channel it through his sword, letting it cut through almost anything.

    SWORD = anticurations + bleending
  • Nova (Mary Jane) (Cosmic)

    Phoenix (Shang-Chi) (Cosmic)

    Iron Gwen (Tech)

    Star-Lord 2099 (Tech)

    Storm (Mary Jane) (Mutant)
  • Black_AntBlack_Ant Posts: 7
    Black ant
  • LLEEXXLLEEXX Posts: 29
    edited November 2021
    The Shadow King (Amahl Farouk) is a supervillain. The character is particularly associated with the X-Men family of comics. His nemesis is the X-Men's leader, Professor X, while he also figures into the backstory of the X-Man Storm. As originally introduced, Farouk was a human mutant from Egypt who used his vast telepathic abilities for evil, taking the alias Shadow King.

    *Special 1
    Shadow King telepathically attacks his enemy creating a concussion on his opponent
    *Special 2
    Shadow King uses the power of shadows to attack his opponent

    *Special 3
    Shadow King leaves his body and attacks his opponent using his shadow power and mind control

    Charles Xavier, Emma Frost
    Storm, Magik, Warlock, Sunfire
  • ErarajEraraj Posts: 12
    Sebastian Shaw
    especially his X-Men 1st class kind of animation of energy absorption

  • ErarajEraraj Posts: 12
    Sebastian Shaw
    especially his X-Men 1st class kind of animation of energy absorption

  • Black_AntBlack_Ant Posts: 7
    Black ant

  • Punisher (Horseman of Apocalypse) (Skill)

    Spider-Gwen (Horseman of Apocalypse) (Science)

    Captain Britain 2099 (Mystic)

    Gwendusa (Cosmic)

    Phoenix (Hulk) (Cosmic)

    Psylocke (Venomized) (Cosmic)

    Valkyrie 2099 (Tech)

    Deadpool (Horseman of Apocalypse) (Mutant)

    Spider-Gwen 2099 (Science)

  • Jacques Duquesne (Earth-616)
    Swordsman (Atlanta) (Earth-616)



    Powers and Abilities



    The Swordsman was a superb athlete and an excellent unarmed combatant. He was a master of bladed weapons, most notably all forms of the sword. When it comes to pure swordsmanship, he may have been unequaled.

    Physical Strength

    The Swordsman possessed the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engaged in intensive regular exercise.



    Makluan Sword: The Mandarin equipped the Swordsman's sword with special devices adapted from Makluan technology. By pressing one of the buttons on the sword's hilt, the Swordsman could project an energy beam with great concussive force, a disintegrating ray, a large jet of flame, electrical blasts or a stream of gas capable of rendering opponents unconscious

    Throwing Knives: Aside from his sword, the Swordsman usually carried throwing knives.

  • Conan (Carnagized) (Cosmic)

    Phoenix (Daredevil) (Cosmic)

    Phoenix (Old Man Logan) (Cosmic)

    Phoenix (Spider-Man) (Cosmic)

    Vision (Mary Jane) (Tech)

    Black Cat 2099 (Skill)

    Daredevil (Horseman of Apocalypse) (Skill)

    Daredevil (Mary Jane) (Skill)
  • LLEEXXLLEEXX Posts: 29
    edited November 2021

    Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette) has a connection to Devil Dinosaur, she is an inhuman.
    *Special 1
    Moon Girl throws a strong blow, creating fatigue for her opponent

    *Special 2
    Devil Dinosaur slams his opponent with his tail creating a stun

    *Special 3
    Devil Dinosaur gives a strong head blow to his opponent creating a stun to the enemy

  • G.W.E.N.D.O.K. (Science)

    Thor (Gwen Stacy) (Mystic)

    Iron Fist (Mary Jane) (Mystic)

    Phoenix (Psylocke) (Cosmic)

    Phoenix (Venom) (Cosmic)

    Punisher (Mary Jane) (Skill)
  • Thor (Mary Jane) (Mystic)

    Phoenix (Mary Jane) (Cosmic)

    Phoenix (Rocket Raccoon) (Cosmic)

    Daredevil 2099 (Tech)

    Yelena Belova (1930s) (Skill)
  • Please give us:

    Major Victory
    Adam Warlock
    Beta Ray Bill
    Gorr the God Butcher
    Ikon the Spaceknight of Galador
    Wraith (aka Zak-Del, Kree phantom)
    Gorgon (of the Royal Inhumans)
    Drax (classic purple suit)
    Blue Marvel
    Spectrum (Monica Rambeaux)
    Imperator (leader of the Imperikul)
  • Hercules (1940s) (Cosmic)

    Phoenix (Black Panther) (Cosmic)

    Diamondback (Venomized) (Cosmic)

    Iron Man (Horseman of Apocalypse) (Tech)

    Gweneto (Mutant)

    Phoenix (Captain America) (Cosmic)
  • Phoenix (Namor) (Cosmic)

    Daken (1950s) (Mutant)

    Doctor Gwenge (Mystic)

    Ms. Marvel (Horseman of Apocalypse) (Cosmic)

    Silver Surfer (Mary Jane) (Cosmic)

    Itsy Bitsy (Venomized) (Cosmic)

    Black Widow (Horseman of Apocalypse) (Skill)

    Phoenix (Deadpool) (Cosmic)

    Phoenix (Doctor Doom) (Cosmic)

    Typhoid Mary (Venomized) (Cosmic)
  • LLEEXXLLEEXX Posts: 29
    edited November 2021
    Beta Ray Bill is a cosmic character.
    **Super attack 1
    Beta Ray Bill delivers a heavy blow to her opponent causing a bleed and a stun

    **Super attack 2
    Beta Ray Bill gives a strong blow to his opponent causing him a hemorrhage against time

    **Super attack 3
    Beta Ray Bill ends his enemies by giving them a cut

  • Phoenix (Wasp) (Cosmic)

    Mary Jane (Agent of Wakanda) (Skill)

    Clea (Carnagized) (Mystic)
  • Phoenix (Ms. Marvel) (Cosmic)

    Star-Lord (Hydra) (Tech)

    Ant-Man (Horseman of Apocalypse) (Science)

    Spider-Woman (Venomized) (Cosmic)

    Phoenix (Falcon) (Cosmic)

    Gray She-Hulk (Mary Jane) (Science)
  • The MCU Iron Spider would be cool to see in the game. The arms are great

  • Phoenix (Wolverine) (Cosmic)

    Phoenix (Iron Fist) (Cosmic)

    Black Cat (Carnagized) (Cosmic)

    Phoenix (Punisher) (Cosmic)

    Omega Red (Venomized) (Cosmic)
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