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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • shadow_lurker22shadow_lurker22 Posts: 3,243 ★★★★★
    Marvel2289 wrote: »
    We need korg because korg is awesome

    Yeah they added Thor and hulk which is fine but why not add characters not yet here like Korg, valkiery and skurge
  • Nabz034Nabz034 Posts: 208 ★★
    A buffed Gamora so that I can actually use her? Please??
  • puretexan_23puretexan_23 Posts: 18
    The characters I want to see the most are

    1. X-23 (With her soul armor or black and white suit) (Mutant)
    2. Honey Badger (Gabby Kinney) (Mutant)
    3. Lady Deathstrike (Mutant)
    4. Warpath (X-Force) (Mutant)
    5. Stick (Netflix) (Skill or Mystic)
    6. Elektra (Netflix) (Skill) Sig ability similar called The Black Sky and its similar to Phoenix'.
    7. Punisher (Netflix) (skill)
    8. Ironfist (Netflix) (Mystic) Sig ability- some kind of Regeneration and Evade
    9. Dark Phoenix (Playable)
    10. Colleen Wing (Netflix or Comics) (Skill)
    11. Bakuto (Netflix) (Skill)
    12. Quick Silver (MCU) (Mutant/Science?)
    13. Scarlet Witch (MCU) (Mastic/Science/Mutant?)
    14. Mania (Skill/Cosmic)
    15. Mystique (Mutant)
    16. Agent Coulson (MCU) (Skill)
    17. Nick Fury (MCU)
    18. Himdal (Cosmic)
  • NewDawnDebNewDawnDeb Posts: 106
  • NewDawnDebNewDawnDeb Posts: 106

    NOTE: As there are not so powerful champs in cosmic class ,i have beefed up the stats but i.e imo not op as my personal opinion @ kabam.

    The value i want to put in symbiote toxin as 4 star, rank 5, level 50 are as follows -:

    Health-: 17751
    Attack-: 1373
    Max PI-:
    Without signature-: 3476
    With signature(99)-: 4709

    When attacked-:
    Passive 5 •|• chance to evade.

    77 •|• chance to shrug off any debuff.

    All attacks-:
    14 •|• chance to inflict bleed.Dealing 60 •|• of your attack as direct damage over 9 seconds.

    On medium attacks -:
    25 •|• chance to exhaust the opponent reducing critical hit damage rating by 21 •|• and the potency of their power gain by 20 •|• for 12 seconds.

    Critical light attacks and all heavy attacks-:
    40 •|• chance to gain true strike, lasting for 10 seconds.

    When strucked-:
    Creating physical resistance of +776.3.

    Special 1: FIRST BLOOD-
    100•|• chance to cause the opponent to bleed, dealing 796 direct damage over 13 seconds.

    85 •|• chance to stun the opponent for 2 seconds.The duration of stun increases by 1 second(s) for each true strike effect the champion has.

    Special3: PERFECT ASSAULT-
    This attack deals true damage, ignoring all armor and resistances.
    95 •|• chance to stun for 3 seconds.

    Signature ability-:
    100 •|• chance to heal 36 •|• health over 9 seconds.

  • Atharva111Atharva111 Posts: 52
    Marvel Contest of champions should bring Iron Spider in the game. It's name could be "Peter Parker(Iron Spider)". It's special abilities/attackes may be like in 1st and 2nd Specials, it should attack as Peter Parker with his spider powers. And in it's 3rd Special he should be suiting up as Iron Spider.
    Please bring this type of champion.
    Thank you.
  • Dan99Dan99 Posts: 132


    class: Skill

    When his crit damage, crit rating, crit resistance, ability accuracy or block proficiency is lowered by an enemy's abilities, they are doubled instead.

    When his Dexterity mastery fails, he gains a regen buff.

    sp1: 100% chance to cause bleed. When the bleed expires, the enemy gets power locked for a few seconds.

    If any of his abilities/masteries/core mechanics fail to trigger, he gains a regen buff. (including this ability)

    Iron spider and scarlet spider
    I want iron spider mcu and regular and lasher awsome green symbiote spawn of venom scarlet spider black and red version agent anti venom hmm and 2099 Spider-Man and gwenom awsome spider gwen
  • NewDawnDebNewDawnDeb Posts: 106



    About Man Thing:
    Man-Thing is a former scientist (Dr. Theodore Sallis) who was transformed into a creature composed of vegetable matter through the synergistic interaction of mystical energy and swamp mutagens.Though the beast now lacks a normal human intellect and has shed any desire to communicate with human society, it nevertheless often becomes an accidental hero as it stumbles upon various CRIME and HORROR scenarios.

    Base stats & Abilities
    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    > Health: _____
    >Attack: ____
    >Max PI:
    > Without Signature: ____
    > With Signature (99): ____



    Class: Science

    Basic Abilities Info:



    Basic Abilities: Precision, Sensitivity(Power Gain), Acid, Regeneration, Bleed immunity, Poison immunity


    > For each 20% of Max Health taken in damage, immediately gain a Resilience counter.
    > When below 100% Max Health without an active Regeneration Buff, convert a Resilience counter into a
    Regeneration Buff, Recovering X Health over 10 seconds.


    > A lack of blood provides FULL IMMUNITY to BLEEDING.


    > An enhanced immune system provides FULL IMMUNITY to the POISONS of the Battlerealm.

    All Attacks

    > 20% chance to inflict ACID, dealing X% of your Attack as direct damage over 5 seconds.
    > 6% chance to gain X% Critical hit Chance, lasting for 3 seconds.

    Special 1:Curiosity - Becomes curious , then focus to see the vibes
    > This attack allows Man Thing to be become Curious instantly.
    > Man Thing discovers his opponent's vibes, gaining X% Critical hit Chance for 7 seconds.

    Special 2: Nexus of all Realities
    > The Mystical Energy has 75% chance to SENSE an enemy beneficial effect from the opponent
    and steal it to Man Thing to trigger his Power Gain, recovering X% Power over X seconds.

    Special 3: Mutagenesis
    > This attack deals X% increased damage for each full bar of power the opponent has at time of impact.
    > 100% chance to inflict Acid, dealing X% of your Attack as direct damage over 7 seconds.

    > Incoming Attacks tend to pass harmlessly in the Porous muck of his body, Contact attacks has X% Chance to miss.Non Contact attacks has X% chance to miss.

    Synergy Bonuses(Ideas):

  • Beholder_VBeholder_V Posts: 190
    I'm sure it's 100% to do with licensing, but I'd love to see some of the Fantastic Four characters make it in here. From the Four themselves, to Doctor Doom, to Silver Surfer, there's a lot of untapped potential for story-arcs and interesting game mechanics.
  • Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
    Quicksilver as an Awakened 4/40
    4 Star
    Class: Mutant
    #Offensive: Burst #Defensive: Utility #Hero #X-Men #Size: M
    PI - 4,235
    Health - 8,750
    Attack - 715
    Critical Rating - 27%
    Critical Damage Rating - 198%
    Armor Penetration - 0%
    Block Penetration - 0%
    Critical Resistance - 0%
    Armor Rating - 9%
    Block Proficiency - 56%

    *stats are based off facing a 5/50 4 star champion

    Inseparable (Scarlet Witch)
    * 5% more Special 3 damage

    Family (Scarlet Witch)
    * 7% more health

    Friends (Wolverine)
    * +3% armor rating

    Now You See me Now You Don't (Nightcrawler) (Unique Synergy)
    * Nightcrawler: Whenever Nightcrawler intercepts an opponent he armor breaks them by 10% for 4 seconds.

    * Quicksilver: Has an 80% chance to evade attacks when recovering from heavy or special attacks.
    Signature Ability: Sonic Boom lv. 99

    Quicksilver breaks the sound barrier with his speed, attacking before the enemy can even block.

    When Dashing Forward and on Special Attacks:

    * Quicksilver has a 50%** chance and to be unblockable and have an have a +50%** increase in critical damage.

    ** the chance is affected by signature levels


    * Quicksilver is faster than a bullet, allowing him to evade projectiles with a 90% chance.

    * A faster metabolism allows Quicksilver to shrug off debuffs 100% faster.

    * Superhuman endurance provides full immunity to fatigue and exhaustion debuffs.

    * Quicksilver is faster than any opponent he faces, and therefore cannot be evaded. If he were to be evaded he automatically dashes to the opponent. Attacking in this way gets an additional +20% critical rating.

    When Dashing Back:

    * Quicksilver evades all attacks dashing back.

    * This ability isn't affected by ability accuracy modifiers.

    When Dashing Forward:

    * Quicksilver is too fast for his opponent, so intercepting attacks against him have an 90% chance to miss.

    * Quicksilver strikes his opponents so fast that their abilities barely have time to activate, lowering defensive ability accuracy by 100% for the duration of the attack.

    The First Hit of a Combo or When Striking Stunned Opponents:

    * Quicksilver's incredible speed catches the enemy off guard, giving him an additional 200% critical rating and ignoring 20% of the opponent's armor.

    Special 1:

    * 80% chance to Stun for 2.5 seconds.

    Special 2:

    * 100% chance to stun for 3.5 seconds.

    Special 3:

    * 100% chance to stun for 4 seconds.

    * A burst of speed provides Quicksilver a cruelty buff increasing critical damage by 150% for 5 seconds.
    Note that +50% means you add 50% to his base atributes and an increase of 50% or 50% more means that you increase the atribute by 50%.
  • Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
    I pulled most of those atribute numbers out pf a hat along
  • Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
    With some of the AAs
  • I have 3 suggestions first is Mysterio because he could have an ability where he basically disappears and eveades when attacked then possibly spider man 2099 because he can be an agile character like black panther lastly anti venom instead of being like a close combat he can reach longer but does less damage
  • Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
    Theirs been two back to back spiderman events in the past year so It may be months before anti venom or 2099 spidy are added
  • Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
  • Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
    I like the antivenom idea but basically hoods invisibility is the same as your idea description of mysterio
  • SuperSaiyanSage1SuperSaiyanSage1 Posts: 56
  • can we get a shapeshifter like morph who changes to various characters in the game as a powerup? a character like shang tsung in mortal kombat im sayin, it would draw lots of interest and change gameplay from predictable to fun in alliance wars. the only drawback to this game in any aspects whether its crystal opening, quest, or alliance war is its predictability of whats in store in the next battle. yeah i have a 2 star taserface up against a 11 star infinity war ironman, yeah wheres the forfeit button at, save me and you both the time!
  • Thor (Infinity War)

    Please kabam please
  • RudeaziRudeazi Posts: 14
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to suggest new champs.

    The champ I’d most like to see is Apocalypse... because, well... he’s Apocalypse!... I don’t have a clue what his abilities should be.

    I would also like to see Wraith (Zak-Del)... I think he’s A Kree like Captain Marvel... and he fought “The nameless”...(remember them? nameless Guillotine was a pain last month)... I’m pretty sure that I’d like to see him counter Degeneration... maybe get power from it or at least be degen-immune.

    I’ll post more if I think of more.
  • Quicksilver
    Emma Frost
    Fantastic Four
  • Sydneyd16Sydneyd16 Posts: 1
    Would absolutely love Mantis to be added! Love her in the movies and feel she would be a great champ to add!
  • Pocketz4Pocketz4 Posts: 14
    Deathlok the Demolisher would be an awesome tech champ to have in this game. So many possibilities for specials, abilities, and synergies.
  • MAVROMAVRO Posts: 4
    Hola gente responsable de éste gran juego, tengo una terrible duda, cuando van a actualizar el cristal de 6 estrellas agregando más personajes? Creo q hablo por al menos el 90% de los usuarios, se podría saber?. Gracias.
  • Champions that should be added to the game:
    - Jessica Jones
    - Thor (infinity war)
    - mantis
    - scarlet witch (infinity war)
    - doctor strange (infinity war)
    - wolverine (weapon X)
    - red skull
    - cull obsidian
    - quicksilver (age of ultron)
    - quicksilver
    - Mr fantastic
    - invisible woman
    - human torch
    - the thing
    - bullseye
    - cloak
    - dager
    - sandman
    - mysterio
    - winter soldier (infinity war)
    - black widow (infinity war)
  • Jer0nimoJer0nimo Posts: 1
    Hi! I agree with adding Doom and Apocaypse and Red Skull. They’re major villains that DESERVE a spot in the contest. I’d also like to see Mr. Sinister, Vulcan, Gladiator, Nova. I’d also like to see a playable Jessica Jones, Anya Corazón, Quasar, Blue Marvel. And how about some Fantastic Four characters? Silver surfer would be awesome. But with Reed Richards and Namor we could finally round out the Illuminati.

    Thanks in advance
  • Legendz94Legendz94 Posts: 1
    I would like too see HellBoy in the game and would like a 4-6 star if y’all get him in
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