We have clan mates, a dispute arose about bonus attack (AW). How much gives a full bonus and other bonuses?

I know that:
  • Full bonus - 80 points (0 deaths)
  • Bonus - 40 points (1 death)
  • Bonus - 20 points (2 deaths)
  • and (3 deaths) - 0 points


  • Suman_sahASuman_sahA Posts: 417
    u get 240 points on clearing node on first attempt (full bonus), 160 for clearing it on 2nd try, then 80 points on clearing a node on 3rd attempt.... after 3rd deaths u cant get any bonus (so u can try as many times as u wish) , but will only get the points for exploration...
  • 80/40/20/0 for Attack Bonus is so wrong, probably why there is disagreement within you alliance.

    Suman (above) is correct. 240/160/80/0.
  • SeenkSeenk Posts: 29
    thanks for your reply :)
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