Stark Spidey, Human Torch, or Corvus??

Who's more worthy of the awakening gem and why???

I've been leaning toward HT but just pulled Starky so now I'm torn........


  • Ctfz35Ctfz35 Posts: 67
    Are they 5 starts? And is this a generic awakening gem? If so don’t use it on any of these three champs. Save it for someone who needs their awakened ability to function.
  • JonnySnowJonnySnow Posts: 113
    All 5* and yes it's a Generic Gem
  • TalhamazizTalhamaziz Posts: 66
  • TerraTerra Posts: 5,028 ★★★★★
    Save the generic gem. Far more worthwhile champs for a generic.
  • JonnySnowJonnySnow Posts: 113
    Ok so to be more specific..

    I have Ghost, CAIW, AA, and OR all already awakened.

    I also have 3 skill gems in the bank waiting for NF, AEgon, and Blade.

    I have another Mutant Gem in the bank as well for whoever else.
  • BigdawgBigdawg Posts: 27
    I'd wait bro. You'll regret using now and then pull a beyond god tier champ only to realize they are 1/10 as useful not being awakened
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