6* T5cc Mystic I got from AOL disappeared

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I sent support tickets with screenshots of my rewards and still could not get it back

Please help me get my rank up resource. It just disappeared all of sudden


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    It seems like what confused them in the email is you calling it a rank up gem initially, which is different then a tier 5 catalyst. Try resubmitting your ticket with the right terminology so they know what they’re looking for when they check your account
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    Hey INTEGRAL, unfortunately, we don't have direct access to in-game accounts here in the Forums and are unable to help with issues like this.

    The screenshots you've provided show a Tier-5 Mystic Catalyst and a 6-Star Cosmic Awakening Gem. If you asked our Support Team about a "6-Star T5cc", that may have caused some confusion.

    I recommend continuing to work with our Support Team so your concerns can be addressed. You can get back in touch with them by responding to the latest email they sent you. Alternatively, you can create a new Support ticket by clicking HERE.
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