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Wrong tier multiplier applied to war

@Kabam Miike ,
Our last war had the wrong multiplier applied to it. This cost us a season reward of gold 2, and we finished in gold 3. The difference between the tiers is .2, and this would have put us in gold 2. You can see in the pictures attached, that it stated we were in tier 6, but when the war was over a tier 7 multiplier was applied, and is included in the picture as well. I’ve attached another picture showing our current placement, and if that .2 is applied to our last war we will be in gold 2. I brought this up with support, but they have not been very helpful with this. I brought it here as a last resort, and I try not bug you guys all the time with trivial matters. This is an issue I would like corrected, as my alliance is bummed out as we worked very hard to be in gold 2. I would like them to see the fruits of their labor, rather than a calculation error cost us better rewards. Any help is greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.


  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,148 ★★★★
    When u finished your war u were in gold 2. The problem is everyone else wasn't finished with their wars. That's what dropped you down to gold 3 when it was all over with. It sucks but nothing appears wrong with what happened.
  • @Moose4949 those 2 screenshots of the Season points are 4 days apart. We cannot see the war rating on the day you were in Tier 6. Tier cutoffs shift war to war. It really depends upon what Tier you were matched in for the final war, and whether you were on the cusp of the 2. We'd need to see the match screen to see the tier at the start of each war, and the associated war rating. So if you happened to lose the 2nd to last war, that could've been when you dipped into Tier 7.

    Earlier this Season we got matched in Expert Map (Tier 3+) but got the Tier 4 multiplier (which applies to the Challenger Map) because we were on the cusp. We won, but we didn't get the points we should've being in that map. Just the unfortunate luck of being on the cusp between 2 tiers. It all boils down to what your Tier was when you got matched. Even if the multiplier showed 3.4× and you were in Tier 7, you get the 3.2× multiplier. That's a visual glitch in that case.
  • @Neotwism and @SiriusBreak and @Kabam Miike
    I appreciate you guys replying to my post. This is the first time I’ve done this, so I apologize if I’ve left stuff out. I’ll be providing more clarification for all with some more SS. I know you said those pictures were 4 days apart, which I understand. The picture showing the tier 6 that was 4 days ago is attached to show our tier before the war where the tier 7 multiplier was applied. It can be figured out that this was before the war by subtracting our two past wars, which I’ll attach here, from our season total. This will show that I took that picture before the war where we got the tier 7 applied, when it was showing/telling us that we were in tier 6. This is why I said we weren’t given the correct multiplier. I hope that makes sense. If not, I’ll be more than happy to provide more information as I always take SSs of before/after everything we do. Once again I appreciate you guys taking the time to reply to me.


  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 2,827 ★★★
    Your Tier 6 War (2nd to last war) against Los Eternos is shown, but it was a Loss. You didn’t show a screenshot of your Tier AFTER that war (or even after everyone else's wars were completed that day) beforeyour llast war started.

    So no way to tell from this that your Loss to Los Eternos didn’t knock you down a tier before your last war. And note, looking at your Tier immediately after a war ends may not accurately reflect your Tier as of a few hours later (when other ally's wars will have maybe needed time to finished by then)
  • @SummonerNR
    Thanks for reaching out. I’ll just say that our war against “los eternos” has nothing to do with any of this. I’ll put everything in chronological order for everyone, so we’re on the same page. We were shown we were tier 6 before our war against “Jakarta Heroes” and I checked constantly. I’ll attach SS here showing as such, and it’s easy to figure as well by subtracting our last two wars from our season total. I’ll attach a SS to this post as well. In the “Jakarta Heroes” war as I’ll attach our multiplier was 3.2 instead of what was displayed to all of us as tier 6(3.4x). All I would like is our multiplier to be increased by 0.2x and our results updated. Just to understand from support but telling us we were tier 6, and then after the war switching us to tier 7 is not how this game works. We put a lot of units/loyalty/glory into our last war to get the best possible outcome. If it comes down to we made a mistake in showing you the wrong tier then Kabam needs new developers. I’ve worked for trillion dollar companies (Sony and Konami) as a software developer, and I’ll attest that showing anything misleading is a huge “no-no” and will get you shut down by regulatory bodies. If you need to see proof then just ask and I’ll show you.

    I’m expecting Kabam to do the right thing here, and admit fault and fix it.

  • Unfortunately @Moose4949 there's nothing to fix. You got the Tier 6/3.4× Multiplier for your final war bud. I just checked the math and it all adds up. Here, let me use your screenshot to show you what you missed. We'll start with the final war and work our way back.

    96,570 × 3.4 = 328,338. That's what you earned from what appears to be your last war of the Season, which was fought in Tier 6. Losing said war and in turn, losing War Rating points caused you to drop into Tier 7 POST war. Hence it displaying Tier 7 in the Season Standings Display.

    The above appears to be your 2nd to last war per the war rating point shifts, which you won and got yourselves into Tier 6 with. You were in Tier 7 in that war as displayed and highlighted. You won so you got the 50k bonus points. That's a big chunk to not gain next war. The math also adds up being 146,390 × 3.2 = 468,448. Also note, that score is generally what a 3 BG Alliance would acquire for a Loss in that tier.

    It was a small oversight. It happens. What I circled above is what you should be watching war to war. The Tier/Multiplier on the lower left, and the Season Points earned post multiplier on the right. That's for the war juat ran. The Tier display in the Season Standings is what your NEXT war will be in. This goes back to being on the cusp of war tiers. It's not a fun place to be.

    I also noticed you only run 2 BGs in AW. This plays a HUGE factor in Season Standings as noted above. You're up against other Alliances that run 3 BGs so you're subject to dropping in the standings even with wins. My advice, get that 3rd BG organized, and running. Maintain around 450+ total Attack Bonus per war with 100% exploration. Which judging by your final AB count, you're averaging 150 per BG, which equates to 450 with 3 BGs. Run moderate to high diversity to help max out your point potential.

    It's truly unfortunate you dropped out of Gold 2. Definitely blows. However, that's not on Kabam or any miscalculations of their's. It's just the result of some unfortunate circumstances. Here's a final point breakdown as the timing of your screenshots initially is what threw me for a loop.

    Pre-war 11 you had - 4,149,718
    So add on the win points of 468,448
    Pre-war 12 you had - 4,618,166
    Add on the Loss Points of 328,338
    Final Season Score is - 4,946,504 as displayed in the final image.

    Again, truly unfortunate y'all fell out of Gold 2. I'd take some time over the Off Season to get that 3rd BG up and running smoothly. Y'all have the potential to be comfortably in Gold 2. Just need that final BG running, and performing. Otherwise, you may continue to float at the top of Gold 3 with Gold 2 just out of reach. Best of luck next Season!
  • @SiriusBreak
    Thanks for the explanation, but I think you’re missing my point. The SS I’m going to share is what the season standings said before our second to last war. It was in between our third to last war and second to last war. It showed tier 6 on the season page, which you said reflects our next war. In the war following this SS it was stated that we received a tier 7 multiplier, and not the tier 6 that was shown on our seasons page. As you said the tier showing in the seasons page will reflect what our next war will get as a multiplier. We were shown tier 6, which is attached, but given tier 7 rewards as seen by previous SS. I’m not trying to be difficult, but please look at everything attached. 3rd to last war given tier 7 multiplier, which is fine. After winning that war our seasons page reflected we were tier 6, which is attached. Our second to last war we won, but the tier 7 multiplier was applied. This is what I’m questioning, as we were told/shown we were in tier 6, but that war a tier 7 multiplier was applied. We kept tier 6 going into the last war, which we lost and the tier 6 multiplier was appropriately applied to that war. So my ultimate question is why did the seasons page display that we were in tier 6 before the war, and then when the war concluded we were given tier 7 rewards.

  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 2,827 ★★★
    Ok, I think I understand you now. You are NOT complaining about the FINAL war (loss against Eternos with correct Tier-6 x3.4). But rather you are talking about 2nd to last war (win against Jakarta, Tier-7 x3.2) ?? Think we thought the 2 wars were reversed and your final one was Jakarta instead.
    If so...

    I’ll still point to the pic 4 days 0:29 min before end of season, which is before your war against what I guess is the Jakarta one.
    But it is TOO SOON BEFORE that match to be accurate. Your 3rd to last wars may have just finished for you at that time of pic, so shows Tier-6 momentarily, accounting for your 3rd to last war, but not necessarily every other ally's 3rd to last war yet. There may still have been other alliances still in process of finishing up their wars (or otherwise may not have been long enough yet to have other's points fully integrated into the Tiers you see), which by the time everyone else finished, some of them may have then moved back above you and pushed you back to Tier 7. And thus for your 2nd to last war, you were seeing Tier 7.

    Hope that potentially clears things up. When I screencap our current ranking between wars, I wait until much later after our war actually finishes up to ensure that ALL other ally's wars are completely accounted for in that current ranking.
  • Yeah, your initial post says and I quote 'Our last war had the wrong multiplier.' Now it's the 2nd to last war? Again, that display could be lagging from being on the cusp, and as @SummonerNR pointed out some may not have been been finished. That's what happens from time to time when you're on the cusp between 2 war tiers. Would be display errors do occur. They are indeed misleading and frustrating.

    Once matchmaking started for the 2nd to last war, there's a good chance everything had shifted beforehand, and you got knocked down to Tier 7. That screenshot displaying Tier 6 was pre-matchmaking for war #11 (second to last war), yes? It all depends on what the tier said AFTER you were matched, not before. I forgot to include that in my prior post, my bad. Which is problematic when on the cusp as you may see one thing when it's early on it, and then may end up saying another once all is said and done.

    When you're teetering between 2 tiers, post war but prematch on the Season Standings display, it can show the wrong tier. This does happen. I've seen it with my own eyes in our Alliance. If you're matched for Tier 7, you get the Tier 7 multiplier regardless of what it said on the Season Standings screen prematch. The war ratings shift war to war and it isn't until matchmaking for the next war do they fully solidify and lock in officially. Do you have a screenshot from the war room during the war in question? That would help clarify if it was simply a display error giving you the wrong picture of what you thought should have been.

    I'm not gonna defend this situation as it IS frustrating. One would think it shouldn't do this, but I have seen it happen. Occasionally the standings don't update right away. It's unbelievably misleading. However, here's the general rules of thumb I've learned over the years playing AW. Specifically, AW Seasons.

    - When not on the cusp, the tier displayed in the Season Standings usually can be trusted.
    - When on the cusp, you gotta wait and see post matchmaking where you REALLY stand.
    - Due to the ever changing nature of the war ratings, what was Tier X today may not be tomorrow.
    - ALWAYS watch the war room Tier number after you're matched. Truthfully, I've seen the wrong multiplier next to the right Tier number. However I've yet to see it the other way around.

    More and more it seems to me like due to the timing of the screenshot, you got the wrong idea of where you were. Until I can see what Tier you were officially matched in, I certainly cannot say without a doubt that's what happened. If Support says you were matched in Tier 7, then that's what happened. If they can prove you were matched in Tier 6 AND won, then yes, something is wrong here. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about this here. Gotta stick with Support. Although truthfully, I don't think the system gave you the wrong multiplier. Pretty sure it was just the timing of the screenshot making you think you were in Tier 6 for the 2nd to last/11th war.
  • @SiriusBreak @SummonerNR
    I appreciate y’all understanding what I was saying and responding. I do apologize for the confusing language I used in the original post. No, I do not have other screenshots of the tier after matchmaking was done. I vividly remember though checking everything before I made an announcement to our alliance that we were in a different tier(6 vs 7), and to be cognizant of nodes and possibly harder AI. I didn’t think to take a screenshot since nothing had changed from when I took the original. Our ranking even stayed the same, which would be more proof that the tier would remain the same, correct? I totally understand what you guys are saying, but dumbfounded that in the database, according to support, that we weren’t tier 6 until the very last war. I’m very familiar with databases and such, and just find it weird that there is no record of anything saying we were tier 6 when that image was taken. If they would say yes we show that, and then you fell into tier 7, which is what is being said here, then I would be more understanding. Hope that makes sense. I guess I’ll have to continue with support, but appreciate you guy’s insight into all this.

  • If you think about it in terms of snapshots for data recording/logging, they occur at specific times. In this case, I would wager they occur the final war has finished from that particular day. So anything that occurs in between doesn't get logged due to the timing. The timing is done because the data is technically incomplete in between each time they do the snapshot. Until the last match is complete, the data is essentially incomplete.

    Honestly, I can understand if that's the case. There's no reason to have snapshots of data in between as the data is moot to the final results. Where you were before X number of Alliances around your's finished their wars isn't going to be relevant once they are done. If they were to snapshot the standings and the war ratings/war tiers of each Alliance post each war completion, it would be a clutter of useless data.
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